How You See Time Determines Your Well-being

Your desensitization to time matters a lot in some aspects.

Comet N.
4 min readAug 6, 2022
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Time is a scale of measurement of a lot of things to do with our life and living. It helps to communicate what part of the day we are on, it’s used to indicate what month of the year it is and hence, what year we’re currently on. But in the grand scheme of things, time scares most of us in several ways.

This fear stems usually from analyzing our time on earth thus far. This sensitization comes from a lot of yardsticks that we’ve used to measure our progress in life. For some, it could be by comparing themselves to their “mates”. Whereas for the others, it might be a pure void feeling from within.

Whatever it may be, over time, the way we see time snowballs in a melancholy. This explains situations where people are afraid to say their age. But time isn’t to be blamed. It all depends on our perspective.

- Time is living

Time is living and living is all about checking time. But what will deter us from living is being stuck in an era that’s long gone or constantly nitpicking on what we used our time on. Because life passes us by that way.

- Sensitization to time impacts our well-being

Over time, we become exhausted with self-loathe from a hedonistic way of living — due to fear of time passing us by. This will deplete our well-being in many ways especially emotionally and mentally. And these two aspects form some of the core aspects of our living.

- Time is often a trigger

As previously stated, looking back on our lives can cause us to be sad. When in retrospect, it looks like we haven’t scratched the surface of where we want to be. In such a case, the mention of time, the passing of each month to years, and the transcendence of each year to another can often become a trigger. The mention of time reminds you of where you are and think you shouldn’t be. It reminds you of your mistakes and lags and struggles. However, desensitization to this sort of time helps in relieving you. It helps to calm you down and reminds you of the little escapable things to be grateful about.

Instead, we think this.

- The time is there for us to utilize it.

And it’s in doing so that we become calm, even about how time flies. Even if we look back on our lives only to realize we haven’t fully lived, it might appear as time wasted. But there’s still some other time, like now, to live or live again.

Our sensitization to time often springs from a stunted place of even as we figure our life out.

As a result, we become carried away by not fully utilizing the time we have to accomplish our goals. But this can change, with thoughts like understanding that we are doing the very best we can do at the moment. Also by seeing from the angle that oftentimes, lack of opportunity presents itself like we’re wasting our time — whereas we are not. Perceptions like this are everything to desensitize our attributions to time if in a negative light.

Desensitization works this way:

It’s a mind-frame. A type of mindset to constantly put you in the right frame of mind when it comes to measuring your success or progress. Desensitization can be a mantra you repeat to yourself to keep you present. Or an affirmation of the positive things to come to your life.

Desensitization can be a perception. Which works by seeing things in a different light than you do when it comes to time. It helps to alleviate the distress you feel each time you think about how unfulfilled life is. Perception is about tweaking the words you use to describe your situation and forming a new reality instead. To do so, you need to desensitize over time.

See time as time. A yardstick, a scale. Nothing more. Time passes, but you live on. That’s it.

In a nutshell:

Time is used for a lot of things. One of them is mainly for measuring our progress in life thus far. Seeing that life can throw spoilt lemons and expect you to make sweet lemonades out of them, it can be daunting when it looks like you’re left behind anyhow. As such, changing the way you see time can help a whole lot in this situation. It helps to make you stay present and keep doing the things you’re doing. It could also be a hard wake-up call for you to switch gears. Either way, regarding time as your most valuable asset and at the same time not taking it too seriously, will help you gradually meet up to what you strive for.

Desensitization from time can work in the form of your mindset. By simply choosing to see time as time and nothing else. It helps you think of ways to nourish your mind and do things that make you happy to deviate from the pressure of what your time is saying.

We must desensitize from the negative pressure of time for us to improve our emotional and mental well-being. As we navigate through life that’ll keep coming with its ebbs and flows.

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