Every Time you Spend is an Investment

What does your time say?

Comet N.
3 min readJul 25, 2022
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People say time is an illusion. Others believe the calendars of the year are just make-believe. Even more say that they don’t count the days, weeks, and months as so. Honestly, I could care less about how you choose to define what makes up the space or chance we’re utilizing in our everyday lives.

I chose to say time is money because people tend to love money more than any other metaphor I might otherwise use in place of it. More so, because, literally speaking, many people seem to prefer money over time.

This is the problem with so many things going wrong in this era. The love of money is so emotionally and mentally stimulating, that time when juxtaposed is eroded.

Time is money, blood money.

Time is limited. It can never be gotten back once it passes. It cannot be re-enacted like a play. Time is what creates memories that afterward go by. So, how could anyone underrate the value of time if they’re not unappreciative of the many chances they’ve been given already to breathe?

Money, on the other hand, can be acquired and lost — and reacquired — only to be lost again. Money is good. It is how we fend for ourselves, keep up with our lifestyle, and whatnot. But when compared to time, is of less value. In fact, without time you can’t earn money. The value of time is money. And hence, time is money.

Not appreciating the people in our lives who dedicate their time to us as opposed to being rich and giving us money is not a reasonable way to judge things. That person is practically giving you what no one else could give you precisely at the time. They are handing over a priceless jewel to spend quality time with you. And I think it needs to be upheld more.

The person who holds your hands in sickness over the person that sends the money to be treated should be valued more.

Respect the one who sits and chats with you when no one else would or over somebody who sends you money to go see a movie alone.

Money can be lost in transit and delay things. But the person by your side is already attempting to all the emergencies there are or could potentially be.

I’ve always been overridden as someone who has nothing to offer in terms of money. My time and energy spent on fulfilling others’ needs meant nothing to them. They were never counted as part of the good things I ever did.

I used to blame myself for not having enough to give to the people I love until I realized that I’m giving something away more precious than others who are giving money, buying gifts, and living a flamboyant life but never connecting could ever give.

I realized I’m better than the people whose egos are nursed by being or acting unavailable but needless to add they’re quick to solve a problem with money and they’re out again.

I am proud of being the person who feels, touches, stays, talks, and relates when all there could have been are mere echoes.

So yes, time is blood money. You’re spending every fiber of your living on something which you just deem important, otherwise, you won’t give it a second of your life.

So whether the time is an illusion or real, the most important thing is spending is always going to be more overvalued than spending money. Time is abundant but cannot be recalled. Money is hard to earn and creates a scarcity in that sense.

Would you rather wait until you started earning money before doing the simple things that make life worthwhile such as holding your loved one’s hand or spending quality time with them?

Should making money stop you from spicing your life or that of your loved one by choosing to spend more time with them?

How you define time depends on you, but how you choose to use it depends on so many factors and is usually philanthropic when used widely on others uplifting their souls. Most definitely, after you must have equally learned to invest time alone in yourself.

So, what does your time say?



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