Lemons from Lemonade — The Process

Embracing the process involves acknowledging that it takes effort to bring something to life

Comet N.
3 min readMay 21, 2022
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Turning lemonades into lemons is a trite for many reasons. Mostly because many people tend to forget to acknowledge the efforts it takes to derive desirable outcomes. Other times, it’s because of the belief that hard work always equates to success and so we embark on this hedonistic lifestyle of pursuing the next best thing, forgetting to appreciate the process or journey we are on. The arduous and messy work one would have to put in to achieve this desirable result.

For some people, it’s all about the result. Quick confirmation, instant gratification. Adoration of the last steps but do we stop to think of the behind-the-scenes of producing these outcomes?

If you fall into this category, it’s noteworthy that nothing good comes easy, you sort of have to make do with what life presents you — even if they are true lemons.

If not, it remains crucial still, to appreciate the process of achieving a desirable result at the end of a struggle. That is because, it is the process that teaches us all the lessons we need to learn, that makes us stronger, and that tells us the kind of person we are.

Turning lemons into lemonades shows you the real demon

It’s not a given that working hard always produces a desirable outcome. This further encapsulates the essentiality of embracing the process rather than stuck on the outcome of things.

The process analyzes the type of personality you have. Are you the type that accepts defeat? Because that’d mean not obtaining any results at all, or are you the type that perseveres to see to the end of something — at least?

Going through the motion of things helps to put things into perspective

There may come a time in-between the work where you stop and assess if you still need to continue or not. The process of a feat comes with it several perspectives depending on what the final results are supposed to look like.

As commonly iterated: there are many ways to catch a fish.

So, going through the process helps to forge your thoughts on effective ways of accomplishing what you seek — be it changing the course, the method, or even the type of result you seek.

Turning lemons into Lemonade hyphenates your strengths

This means you as you go along you discover things you’re equally good at. Strong points, virtues, traits, and characteristics, you previously didn’t know you had or were confused about. A thorough Yin and Yang of life are bound to reveal these aspects to you and these are the weapons available to utilize in pushing through to the finish end — and even when you don’t get there.

Common but not so easy traits discovered tend to be patience, mostly originating from pain, humility, hyper-determination, courage despite fear etcetera

As you can see, it’s not an easy feat to accomplish something in life. You’d have to burn and bleed to acquire most things. And the ones that aren’t that arduous, still come with their lessons packed. Because so long as we live, it’s inevitable not to suffer in one aspect or area of life.

But what makes it all the more beautiful is knowing that no matter what life throws our way, there’s always a purpose for it. We need to be ready for it by feeling less victimized and more humane. We need not take them personally because everyone has something. It is through this acknowledgment of purpose that we realize what lemonades to make out of the lemons served to us.



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