You’re Different, not Weird.

Inadequate feelings often emanate from the type of childhood one had. If you were brought up to believe you were a base for others to thrive, it conjures your mentality to believe so. This further leads you to depict traits alike. Whereas if you were made to believe you’re a star, you’re likely going to want to keep shining — concomitantly.

So for the people who are different, not think, but know, it can be hard to just be. There’s always going to be conflicting and confusing bouts of energy surrounding those kinds. Am I weird? Am I just different? Am I both?

You’re different, not weird.

You are different as you’ve carefully managed to construct your own way of living without following the books. You have in one way or another identified what works for you and what doesn’t. What fits you and what doesn’t?

You’re different because a lot of people rarely take the time to figure out these things for themself. They often go with the flow and most times, the flow of what others are doing.

Weird in this case is when we forced ourselves into others’ “lives without paying much attention to ours.

You’re different and not weird because you’ve constructed your inner way of thinking and being. You see the world as a double-edged saw. One time is good, another time not so much. You’ve created avenues to let you soak in the good and manage the “bad” as they occur. You’re different because other people think now that you’re a magician to be able to pull through the turf.

Weird in this case, would be hijacking other people’s way of thinking or their opinions and making it ours. Instead of testing out ourselves, using our intuition as a guiding system to orchestrate our lifestyle.

You’re different and not weird because you’re always ready to talk about the things other people, most people, shy away from all the time. You’re ready to have difficult conversations, you’re ready to spill your gut truth. You’re ready to support your fellow different people as unlikeable as they seem. You’re different because your level of authenticity cannot be compromised. It speaks so much volume you can’t help but be YOU. Even if it offends the others.

Weird in this case pertains to keeping mute over things that are detrimental to staying that way. Instead of lending a voice to abolish some of the evil that perpetrates the world of today in their various forms and manners.

You’re different because you don’t like what you hate. As simple as that, yet so complicated. Where most people expect you to be happy, you’re just excited or there. Where other people expect you to be gloomy, you’re inspired. Don’t blame yourself too much, you’re not weird, you’re different.

Weird in this case demonstrates someone who pretends to like what they don’t please the people in their lives often. Hence, forgetting to uphold what they truly like and avoid what they don’t. Quite pitiful.

You’re not weird but different because you don’t follow trends as much. Rather you create them — unintentionally. But not to be followed.

Again, “it’s hard to inspire someone when everyone is going the same thing” — quote by unknown. So the best way to be is by genuinely doing things that appeal to your spirit even if to others it feels like a weird change and trend. For instance, Rihanna introduced a whole new level of maternity with her choice of clothes when she was pregnant. One might say that it is “weird” to expose a growing bump, but to like minds, it’s an intriguing trend with backed-up reasons too.

Weird in this case emphasizes somebody who likes to indulge in everything trendy that others do. They’re normally followers by right, which isn’t bad, but they never stop to think of ways to innovate ideas or a system for others to follow as well.

You’re different and not weird because you’re not ready to please anyone to your detriment anymore. You can seriously dislike anyone for how they behave and not attribute sentiments or preconceived notions to it. You simply follow the inner signal from your being and choose yourself first in all that you do. While absorbing the fact that you’re only looking on for yourself and not being selfish — like an original weird person would conclude.

Weird in this case would be pleasing others to displease yourself in a self-deprecating way.

In essence:

The best way to be different is to allow everything to teach you something. Child, pet dog, bad experience, good experience. Allow the ingenuity to form in you as you encapsulate things based on your authentic self. Don’t do what others are doing for the mere sake of it. Question everything. Ask questions always no matter how silly. That’s how you add to your difference and ingenuity. Stand out without really meaning to. Be yourself, let others inspire you, but let there also be at least an ounce of YOU, as you characterize what others do.

This is the best way to be different and never weird.

Thanks for taking the time to read.



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