Your Joyful States Say a lot about Your Pain Prior

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Pain is a necessity. Without pain, we can’t understand the feeling of joy. This does not mean we have to invite pain purposely into our lives or sabotage our joyful state with sad incidents prior. But more of accepting that joy feels the way it does because the pain felt the way it did.

Different kinds of pain exist for different people

I accompanied my sister to a tattoo parlor to get a tattoo for the very first time. I expected her to feel the same kind of pain I did when I got mine, but to my surprise, she felt it somewhat different kind of pain from what I’d imagined. This means pain cannot be described on behalf of somebody else as empathetic as we may be. We had a feeling, an inkling, but that’s really how far we’d know. Knowing the kind of pain you feel, allows you to identify easily the kind of joy you feel.

Indescribable Joy?

Joy is interpreted as pleasurable, loud, fulfilling, and satisfactory, think about all the positive emotions you know — that’s primarily how joy is interpreted. The truth is, joy can be stingy, painful in a sense, calming, and relieving. It is in understanding how pain worked prior that we can better describe how joy should feel for us. For example, a sense of relief is more of a joyful quiet feeling when compared to the level of sorrow or suffering preceded by it.

Joy comes in the Morning

If you’ve had to describe the pain as being in the dark, it’s understandable how the saying “joy comes in the morning” plays in the mind of a joyful person in a joyful state — whether it be momentarily or progressively.

Characteristics of and connotations of pain

Pain can be characterized as stingy, intense, heavy heart connoted, and dull you name it. However, pain is what allows us to see their antithetical counterparts. Such as joy, calm, peace, alleviation, and so on. Pain is the common denominator of how joyful one gets. For example, one who’s had a heavy heart burdened by sad outcomes of life possesses the characteristics of a dull, bipolar, personality. But the same individual can become less or none of these once in a joyful state. Suddenly, they become outspoken, loud, more sociable, and light — in every sense.

This is a typical illustration of how joy helps to explain and emphasize what a person’s previous (unbecoming) past life looked like. Furthermore, joy takes over and slowly fades away all those regurgitating low esteem — hence becoming the emotion in charge. You can understand through this paradigm shift how people who perceive this joyous state in others confuse them as perfection whereas, perfection is as far as it looks.

Embrace your joy, and use it as a tool to understand your sorrows prior. And use that model to better understand yourself and your emotions. Which will enrich you as a person.

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