You Have The Right To Correct Others

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One of the main reasons people refuse to say much isn’t because they chose it. But because they’re too traumatized to use their voice in a good way. Even if it means correcting others for their bad ways. Another reason is that they feel unworthy in that sense to correct others.

As a result of this, they keep mute and allow things to continue to rotten in their presence, their lives, relationships, jobs, and general/social life.

This is a sign of someone with low esteem who’s allowing a lot of things to block him/her from making the world a better place. Which needs to stop.

How can you take a cue to lead on something so frightening like correcting somebody else?

It is simply by acknowledging that it’s your way of making the world a better place. You don’t need to come off judgmental or all so righteous, but you don’t also need to keep mute by thinking ‘well, I’m not any better.

People always used to say to me that someone who isn’t tolerant can’t correct somebody else with the same issue. Or that a person with a bad temper, for example, can’t correct another person with the same issue.

While I’m anti-hypocrisy, I’m equally on the path to breaking the cycle of ignorance, foolishness, and self-conceitedness. Therefore, if I saw somebody behaving similarly to me in a way that is not good, I’ll use that opportunity to advise myself by telling the person the wrong they’re doing — politely.

This is one of the ways to fit yourself in their shoes and understand the sort of harm or destruction you’re bringing into the world and course-correct.

These days people are quick to call out anyone correcting somebody else as either a hypocrite, judgmental, charlatan, or poking their noses where they don’t belong. But sometimes there are genuine intentions in that bid. There are pure motives for such actions. Which warrants that the person be left alone to do so.

Whoever needs correction needs to be corrected.

Therefore, it’s okay to correct others so they don’t end up on the wrong or dangerous path.

There’s a need to correct others to avoid repeating the same mistake as you as the case may be.

There’s a need to correct others to cause them to be aware.

There’s a need to correct others simply to make the world a better place.



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