You don’t have to be Happy all the Time, but at most be Fulfilled

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4 min readAug 29, 2023
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Happiness is an unending pursuit for everyone, even for the ones who claim not to be chasing after it. But on its own, happiness can appear fickle to get. That is because happiness can be derived from a lot of things and does not usually last. It is a state of being that fluctuates depending on how much we invite it to be. Therefore, when people talk intensely about the pursuit of happiness, they are either choosing to have it regardless of anything or going for something to have it. The former lasts longer than the latter. Either way, happiness remains shaky.

Fulfillment on the other hand differs from this. Fulfillment is derived from doing or acquiring things that suit your spirit and soul. Therefore, something unique always appears to be what it is. As opposed to happiness which could be gotten from a general want or need. Fulfillment makes you calm, grateful, and filled – as the name states. Happiness on the other hand, almost always makes you burst in excitement. Fulfillment teaches you lessons that get passed on to others painstakingly with greater effects and longitude, compared to happiness which could potentially do the same thing except it’s short-lived as stated earlier.

Let’s look at some of the factors that could generate happiness compared to getting fulfilled.

Before I delve more into this, it’s noteworthy to understand that happiness to a greater extent can lead to a sense of fulfillment. While this is the case, personal growth and development need to be aware of some of the things we need in life to thrive as opposed to just surviving alone.

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A.) Happiness can be generated from a lot of things including one’s diet. The way we feed and what we eat can bring out instant happiness in us.

-But fulfillment in this case will likely come from purely enjoying what we eat. From being present and “savoring” the meal.

B.) Happiness can spring from material or worldly things. Everyone loves to be comfortable, both in their skin and in general. Therefore, if/when you can afford material things to bring such comfort, happiness abounds – naturally.

-Fulfillment supersedes materialism. It is engaging in activities, practices, or routine that indulges your mind and soul, as opposed to mere human body. Which is the core of living.

C.) Happiness can come from others’s opinions, engagement, and acknowledgment of you. If you’re the type that dwells on others’ opinions of you, their praise can easily create happiness or joy in you. Your dependence on others’ feelings, notions, and help towards you creates a sense of happy feelings as opposed to when you’re fulfilled through self-dependence, reliance, and self-love.

This brings me to the last, but not the least point.

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D.) Happiness doesn’t necessarily emanate from values or principles when compared to fulfillment. There’s a difference between being proud and happy of oneself for accomplishing a goal, but if you compare it to getting fulfilled, you’re not just proud of yourself, but you raise your value and self-esteem. You do so also by acknowledging the role discipline, for instance, played in helping you accomplish that goal.

E.) Happiness is cheap. The pursuit of happiness can cause anyone to do anything for it. But with fulfillment, you don’t need to do anything. It feeds off authenticity, self-love, and other natural courses, antithetical to what happiness feeds off – ego and self-centeredness.

Love thyself

In a nutshell:

Getting fulfilled is deeper than happiness. It is natural to get happy and loud afterward about something. But that is not sustainable all the time. Happiness can lead you astray and cause you to go off-track on your growth journey. If you’re somebody that cares a lot about it. Whereas fulfillment, grounds you and speaks for itself in a deeper meaning to the people surrounding you. The world at large, if you permit.

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