You Are Gold Standard

When we analyze our daily life only to find out we could be doing better, we could be more authentic than we are. When we go through those critiquing moments, our brain is clouded with only the negatives. The parts we didn’t get right and how we suck and screw up all the time hence missing out on the important aspect of things.

We beat ourselves up most times when we act in discordance with the things we believe in as anticipated

But we invariably forget that:

Deep down, we know we are good people. Not just “nice” but good. We are highly principled, humble, kind, and generally have a “good” head on our shoulders.

Deep down, we know we possess attributes that make us stand out and enviable. We have untapered talents, we are muses to lots of positivity and positive traits. We can laugh and be genuinely happy for others when they do too.

Deep down, we acknowledge our mastery in several cadres of life. We know we’re multifaceted in that regard. We’re almost seen as perfect beings, except we are not solely because there’s no such thing. We earn this title from striving to balance different aspects of our life because we know we have vast knowledge about what each of them entails likewise their roles in our life.

Deep down, we are proud of ourselves. We’re proud of how far we’ve come despite them asunder. We know we’re strong beings. An invincible, persistent, go-getter, and resilient even when it all flops.

Deep down, we revel in our authenticity. The unapologetic mindset of sticking to who we are and maintaining characteristics that are unique to our being regardless of what the naysayers attempt to demoralize us with. We know we got the smooth skill to keep identifying with our true nature even though we might be tempted by several situations or lifestyles to do otherwise.

Deep down, we know we got what it takes to keep assimilating the hurt. We’ve got the propensity to keep sticking up our heads for others’ sakes despite the uncountable times our heads have been forcefully pushed back down. The numerous times our voices have been attempted to be muted. Yet, we kept showing up, kept speaking up.

In our minds, we know we are more than we show, more than we do, and more than we believe we do know. We know the sky is our springboard. We know we are limitless in our abilities to create a powerful presence and audience that would enable us to inspire, not just the people around us, but the world at large.

But we act contrary to this belief more times than not. Perhaps due to some childhood trauma or abuse, reverberating shock of entering adulthood quicker than needed, settling the scores of many lapses in our now adult life, unable to cope with necessary and even unnecessary changes for living or your survival respectively. Or plainly because you’ve lost all hope and reverted to an existential crisis, nihilism.

Whatever it is, I have something for you: You are Gold Standard.

And no matter how many times you’ve fallen, no matter how many times you flop, no matter how many mistakes you’ve made, no matter how horrible you may think you are due to or despite all that has gone on with you in your life, remember it was part of the process to orchestrating this Gold Standard version of you now. There was something God must have seen in you to input such contradicting personalities into you. And yet still aid you all along to not have “clashed and or crashed” from them.

It is because you were bound to serve as a Gold Standard for others to learn from. For others to put up after learning about it all. You were meant to be looked up to. You were meant to serve, to correct, to inspire, to motivate, to ingrain.

You have ALL it takes to pull it off.

It is hard to accept that you are going to be more useful to others — without enjoying the iron-hand-ish tedious process that comes with it. It’s hard to imagine that most times you are the only one who’d be sticking up for yourself regardless of your selflessness. But it’s equally part of the “handwriting on the wall”, the one and only we refer to as “our purpose”.

A Gold Standard is used to measure if something is up to par or not and used as a corrective measure to instill or install adequacy and appropriateness. And if it takes being us and going through the excruciating messy process to exert such divine favor and contribution to the universe, then it is such a pleasure.

A solid introspection, with self-awareness, helps you in realizing that you’re Gold Standard. Which is that you also possess the good aspects as well as the not-so-good ones.

Get to work.



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