You Are Already Creating a Life Goal Through this Silent Means

Hearing yourself talk is a plan, talking to the right people creates a solid life goal.

Comet N.
2 min readAug 21, 2023

We believe we speak to people in vain. We regret the talks we’ve had, the conversations we’ve indulged in, etc. But that can only be true when we speak to the wrong people. That is, speaking to people who don’t listen to us, understand us, or support our main idea in the first place- the wrong ones.

But reverse is the case when we talk to the ones who get us. The ones who at times complete our sentences in their minds, the right ones who fill the dotted lines. Through conversing with this kind of people we may dabble upon ideas, plans, or even life goals we couldn’t decipher in the first place.

Setting a life goal isn’t an easy feat. The overwhelming nature of doing so can throw people off balance and create a mental fog that disallows them to come up with solid ideas on how to go about life. It is an essential part of living to create long-term plans through short-term goals as a form of guidance. Forging such a path forces you to adhere to it.

Why do we need life goals?

Having life goals makes you decisive. It enables you to make the right decision for when it’s time to do something.

Having a life goal allows you to utilize opportunities. When you know what you want, it becomes easy to recognize or create opportunities that will allow you to accomplish them.

Having a life goal is freeing. Even if you don’t know what you are doing at the moment or experiencing a plateau state, having a life goal slated can free up the space in your mind, thus relieving you of unnecessary pressure.

Acknowledging the importance of creating life goals makes you eager to engage with the right type of people more than the ones who would waste your time. It could be a casual conversation that will bring about it or a formal conversation. Whatever the case may be, it’s inherent to speak out no matter how ( and especially when) your mind is boggled by an unplanned life or mindless living.



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