Why I Love Strangers

Simple. Because they are strangers.

Well, not so simple then since they are ‘strange’-r-s.

Maybe not so strange since they’re often people with different upbringing, shapes, origins, and most importantly characters that are intertwined with ours.

What makes a stranger one is not having any familial or adaptive relationship with them. However, a stranger always shares an attribute or more with us — as we all co-exist on the same planet.

Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why I love strangers.

Other reasons include:

Because they are a breath of fresh air

Have you ever gotten so sick from eating the same meal all week?

Let me intensify it: have you ever gotten so sick of dealing with the same level of toxicity from your friends, family, or romantic life?

Well, this is the magic of meeting a stranger. A stranger who’s completely and utterly oblivious of your predicament or background can successfully cheer you up, or add spice to alleviate your misery, or simply serve as a breath of fresh air. Something different.

Imagine having had a super hectic day, one you dreaded so much you could hardly crack a smirk, and suddenly meeting a stranger in the bus on your way home with whom you saw yourself courteously smiling at even for a split second. Even that on its own is a breath of fresh smile.

Because they’re always engaged or attentive towards you

At least the first few minutes of meeting them.

Sometimes as humans, all we need is to detangle. Not necessarily to tangle back on with the next thing or person. Just completely detach.

And who better to do this than with a stranger.

One you didn’t know from Adam.

When you’re going through a rough patch and find it impossible to find someone you know and love to understand you or even listen to you, a stranger can fill this void — if you let it.

How? By trying it.

But how? By actually randomly meeting and speaking to a stranger who’s giving you the right energy.

I know this may sound scary if not ludicrous because you’re imagining having to divulge (possibly very personal) information to someone you do not even know.

But that’s the point. Someone, you do not know but most importantly does not know you. Strangers who are unlikely to mix and match your tales with your personality and judge you. Strangers without preconceived notions or opinions about you. But most likely to give their opinions about what you’ve told them solely based on that.

How refreshing right?

That’s the power of strangers. They’re willing to listen, to a minimal extent relate, and most importantly serve as a medium for you to air your heart.

It’s safe to say they might not be willing to indulge you or dish out their opinion/advice, but at least you didn’t make the wrong move.

Because They are Mostly Courteous

To discuss this point, the quote: “over-familiarity breeds contempt” came to heart.

Similar to the previous point above, strangers are less likely to be rude when you meet the ones with your kind of vibe.

It’s the very people whom you wine and dine with the most that tend to look down on you the most too. Why? Because they’re used to being around you, they’re super comfortable with you, and sometimes believe that the bond between you guys is enough to mess up and clean it up afterwards.

But guess what?

Not everyone can put up with such BS in their lives even from their so-called loved ones. Reason being that if you love me enough, then you should stick to the boundaries I’ve set to protect the relationship. Don’t speak about my spouse or children carelessly, don’t make jokes about my insecurities, don’t mock my style of living… things like that.

A loved one should understand this best. But unfortunately, they overstep the boundaries a whole lot more than a stranger would dare.

Strangers, on the other hand, are the ones who compliment you, respect your wishes, accord you some privacy when you say you need it (refer to the last paragraph in the previous point above), and understand where you’re coming from. Without making an unnecessary fuss about how stuck-up or unloving you are.

Because, again, they don’t know you, therefore they’re bound to quickly go with what you like and what you don’t. Thereby sticking to your boundaries without making you feel guilty for setting them or for trying to stick with them.

Because They Catch on Readily

Strangers are the best people to establish a relationship with because they’re willing to listen to and adhere to your principles on what makes a good relationship most times as opposed to if you picked someone from your circle.

I know the cliche of dating your long-time best friend since they know you better, picking a friend from your high school circle since they’ve always been there, and all that. But a stranger works too.

One who’s willing to bend low and you too, in understanding each other’s needs from the scratch, establishing principles to guide your relationship, boundaries to adhere to, and ultimately share your lives together.

I think it’s equally refreshing and beautiful on its own.

Rounding up:

I believe that strangers are still strange people. It’s a scary world and choosing a stranger over a familiar face would feel like walking into a dead zone consciously in the night. But there’s nothing less fascinating about exercising an open mind with meeting new people and letting them serve their purpose for your meeting. After all, in the same manner, loved ones come and go, strangers come and go, only less hurtful.

Allow strangers and strange things to help you grow as you navigate through life because you never can tell who becomes the next worthy best friend, loveliest partner, intriguing lifelong friend if you aren’t willing to give it a chance.

Get out of your comfort zone and familiarity crutch and taste life on the other side. Be wise while at it.

Thanks for reading.