Who we are When We’ve Found Ourselves

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Knowing ourselves come in varied circumstances. First and foremost is, you get to cultivate the act of curiosity, which further leads you to learn about something and if you wish, make it a solid part of you.

Generally, self-awareness is the best tool to implore when you want to learn about yourself. But in this case, this article means to highlight how not only self-awareness can do such justice.

When we’ve found ourselves, when we begin to be intuitive that’s when the real magic happens.

In essence, we discover who we are when we’ve found ourselves.

Not what others termed us to be, definitely not what we were conditioned with. It’s in fact the Eureka moment when our eyes are wider spiritually and mentally enough to characterize ourselves.

When we’ve found ourselves comes when we can align with our common and deep truths. Truths that only you can confirm that is. That you cannot evade or elude you. This is when you nod your head to instances from movies/characters that apply to you, read from writers that are soul-relatable, write-ups from Quora that appear as though you were consulted before it was constructed, and other random things on and offline that scream YOU.

It’s all because you found yourself and now you know who you are. What matches you and repels, what appreciates you and divulges — because, in the end, things aligned to you comes to you and vice-versa — without your interference.

It is when you’ve found yourself that you change gears. In your relationship, career path, spiritual expectations, you name it. That’s when you start getting called the odd ball, the prodigal child (instead of the progidy). Why? Because now you’re treading on the path that fits you alone. The kind no one else, except a like-mind, could ever get.

When you’ve found yourself, you make a total U-turn. You could stop liking some meals you used to enjoy, stop associating how you used to with the people you used to associate with, you might grow quiet or silent over things you’d reach for. That’s when you know. You might get called arrogant, you will lose a lot of people in your life, solitude will become your best buddy, while silently hoping you’re not truly crazy in all the spurts.

The freedom in becoming who we are is essential in that process. If we’re not free to transform into that person, we simply won’t be. Restrictions in form of self-doubts, opinions, and validations from others and similar types of confusion are antagonists to such freedom.

You’re neither crazy, nor weird, or an odd arrogant, prodigal ball. You have simply (although not an easy process), found yourself and now realizing who you are or meant to be, and living it.

And a big congratulations to you, if that’s the case.




A girl who writes & addresses toxic hidden agenda in the form of topical issues whilst digesting their relative life lessons. I can't alone— It's a ‘let's all’.

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Comet N.

Comet N.

A girl who writes & addresses toxic hidden agenda in the form of topical issues whilst digesting their relative life lessons. I can't alone— It's a ‘let's all’.

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