When to be More Watchful of Our Acts

Comet N.
2 min readSep 3, 2023

Hot-tempered people are known to overreact mostly when they’re angry, whereas emotional people would say they feel and act more when they are in a happy mood.

Before you evaluate which spectrum you fall into, it’s best to understand what essentially happens when we are happy.

When we are in a happy mood, the brain releases some chemicals. Chemical messengers like endorphins, dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin. These chemicals serve different purposes.

But they have something in common: lightening the mood and energizing one’s spirit and body.

If you happen to be energized by one or more of these chemicals at once, you’re bound to act more than you would normally control. An example is someone who’s been hit with a dopamine release. The surge increases the urge for more of it. As such it creates a phenomenon of repetition or overreacting. It is at this stage, people tend to “misbehave”. I call it that because we’re no longer acting according to our rational selves. The mood-stabilizing agent is ripped off and we show our hearts as it is.

People misbehave more when they’re happy than sad because at that stage they believe it’s more pardonable to indulge in reckless misgivings than if they were feeling the opposite emotion of sadness.

Happiness makes you do things. It causes you, for example, to make promises you may not keep, proclaim things you are not, profess things you don’t mean, to mention but a few. Whereas sadness makes you more cautious. It makes one reclusive and less indulging. Most people like me want to be left alone when they are said. They curl up in their nests and maybe think. Whereas happiness gets you “out there”. You’ve never met a happy person who keeps to themselves. And if you have, it’s rare. Expressing happiness could lead to more trouble than not. Therefore, it begs to be more watchful of your acts when you’re happy compared to when you’re sad.

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