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Unconventional Baby-care Tips for Parents/Care-givers

Regard them as grown-ups but treat them as kids

Children are the future leaders. They are what makes up our tomorrow in every ramification.

Our babies kick-start that process through the way we cater to them — emotionally, physically, mentally, psychologically, and spiritually.

Yes, all of the above — and more.

So if we don’t do our parts or do them well, it impacts negative effects on the way our kids grow to handle the future generation.

But if we play our parts well (not perfectly, as there’s no such thing as parents), then we’ll be insuring the future with better giving.

Some of the unconventional tips to use to care for your kids are:

Regard them as adults, but treat them as babies/kids

What this means is that when it comes to hands-on catering, imagine they’re adults, imagine they’d feel the same level of discomfort as you, and make them feel at ease.

For example, make sure your babies take their bath (regularly) no matter how much you might want to escape this. Either due to a poor weather condition, their delicate skin, or mere thinking, they aren’t too messy for such.

Babies need a warm bath at least twice a day just like a grown-up, to feel refreshed and sleep better whenever they do.

Sometimes babies need some rigorous hands while catering

Babies are… babies. They’re tender and have super delicate skin. But it doesn’t mean if they got some rigorous hands once in a while, anything about that fact will change. Especially if it will bring them comfort in the end.

So, using the example above, while bathing your baby, there are certain areas you must reach as difficult or as flimsy as they may seem. Places like their neck folds, the folds, and corners of their private part, their armpit, and belly button.

These areas tend to accumulate lots of baby specks of dirt. So while you may prefer to give your baby a comfy foamy bubble bath daily, don’t forget to slate out at least two days in a week to reach these (hidden) easily forgotten parts.

The need to be unclad occasionally

If you live in a country with very humid climate conditions, you’d agree with me that covering up your baby all the time might do more harm than good.

The common knowledge is that babies tend to get cold easily. Because the layers of their chest skin and the build-up of their lungs make them vulnerable to such easily. However, heat shock or stroke is equally medically unfavorable to them.

In which case, it begs to consider that if you live in a country with a very humid weather climate condition, covering up your baby always as opposed to airing their bodies, might do them more harm than good.

This means that babies need to be unclad from time to time, just to let them receive a bit of fresh air before getting wrapped up again. But beware not to keep them directly or close to any air-producing equipment such as a fan or air-conditioner. As this would be sending them to the other side of the pendulum for cold. Which is not good for them.

Babies also need to go diaper free. Yes, this one makes me nervous all the time. It’s highly essential to let the baby’s private part breathe. It doesn’t have to be unclad as it could be worn with some baby panties or shorts. But a way to ensure smooth blood flow to that part of the body, more freely, from time to time.

For example, having a baby boy means a more protruding under part. In this case, they require more diaper freeness from time to time to release even the teeny bit of pressure diapers may be putting on their organ.

Consider it.

Babies need to be made to trust you before you break their hearts again

At some point in a baby’s development, according to the baby center, at about 8, or 9 months old, babies suffer extreme separation anxiety. Stepping out of their presence becomes a trigger to wail, dropping them on the floor becomes a hard knock, and leaving them to stay on their own to play means even more clinginess.

It’s annoying if I’m being honest.

But there’s a gimmick.

If you happen to be a stay-at-home mom, or at every chance you get, pick up your baby and take them to wherever you go around the house. Take them to the kitchen with you, the other rooms, to fetch the mail, to the garage, you get it now.

It’s stressful doing so especially when you can just implore the tactics by baby center here, to encourage them about your exit and say goodbye and whatnot.

But the point is to get them to trust you aren’t going anywhere without them. And once they get comfortable with going everywhere and thinking so, they’ll sit still or do other things once you step out of their sight for a bit.

This trick works better by distracting them with toys while you slip away to do other important things.

This way, you aren’t bearing the burden of hearing your baby’s loud cry while you step out, or putting off what you wanted to get done due to that.

Babies will never stop being adorable. Parents will never stop being so too. The ability to balance succumbing to every baby’s needs or not, treating them purely as babies or not, lies in the way we choose to navigate our lives with theirs smoothly.

As much as a baby needs 24/7 attention and to be treated delicately, sometimes all it takes is to put ourselves in their shoes. That way we’re deciphering the best approach we’d use for ourselves on them.

If we don’t like to be scolded unnecessarily, then don’t treat a child like that, if we don’t like to be smacked but talked to instead, then don’t treat a child like that, and so on.

The ability to apply some rigorousness in bringing up our babies helps too in harnessing their flexibility and resilience in them. This is not to say we test their limits, but to believe that a baby is bound to recover from a bit of a scrub than a rub, a reasonable poke than a touch, and so on, and implore those useful tactics when necessary.

At the end of the day, it is all about what works for each parent and their babies. But it’s worth knowing that certain tricks exist in handling these bundles of joy that have been assigned to our care for life the easier way possible. It all starts with putting ourselves in their shoes and treating them as real human beings with feelings, high expectations for love and care, and handling them with extra tenderness.

Good luck to all the hands-on mamas and papas out there!



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