Times Have Changed, Everything Means Something Now —

Good thing or bad?

Comet N.
2 min readAug 6, 2023

The slightly ignored things are now great deals

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In the past, things were a bit relaxing. People could get away more easily with incriminating acts or outright crimes. This applies to every sector of life; be it in relationships, workplaces, or church. It was as if nothing was a big deal. Fashion was flaccid, skin tones were not that deep, and people’s complexion wasn’t that much discussed, you name it.

Everything we do is measured now, even the mood or energy that we exude.

With time, everything has changed. The words we use and how we act pass through an evaluating micro lenses of right versus wrong, positive versus negative. Every single thing is measured now, even the mood or energy that we exude. We are all careful of what we accept, eat, think, or receive whether actively or passively. As such, everything means something now.

This sense of consciousness was brought about by different people’s willingness to break the norm. The willingness to step outside their comfort zone. In the past, we were made to believe and condone many things that weren’t necessarily true to our nature. The sum of these cultural appropriations, system abuse, and other mandates led people to be crippled and tongue-tied for so long. As such the consequences were dire.

However, in recent times, people are becoming more authentic and expressive of their true nature. Be it and mostly, with their fashion senses, career choices, or their mental health. It is a breath of fresh air to also realize that people are learning the act of saying NO and YES, where necessary. Parents are learning to pay closer attention to their children’s needs even if they haven’t done so since birth, they’re learning to validate their feelings or past childhood trauma inflicted on them. Teachers are beginning to listen to parents and adhere to their rules on how their child should be trained, parents are equally leaving some room for teachers to help train their kids.

Everything mustn’t always be sad, down, and negative all the time- mostly to do with the current generation. We all have something to learn from one another and as much as we may like to highlight the negative aspect of revolution, it’s worth knowing that change is a constant in life and not all has been negative in some sense. It is advisable to give this new state of things a chance and bask in the positive aspect of things since it can’t be controlled that everything means something now. Our denial of this says/means a lot as well.



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