The You-Track

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You may or may not have heard people saying something about “staying on the right track” or “you’re treading on the wrong path”. How I interpret this is that we’re either on our own path or someone else’s track — thus deviating from our path.

But a You Track is a track exclusive to you. The path that only You can tread and do whatever you like. The path that sets you free, that lets you be You without resistance, judgments, criticisms, and comparisons.

The You Track is a concept that lets you mind your business. A You business where you’re discovering new routines and exercising them, finding out new measures and following them, and amending the cracks and not-so-good parts.

The You Track lets you evaluate other paths but only when you’re already in yours and relishing it, hence giving you the chance to fuse with other like paths — in the form of friendship and/or relationship. This is a form of like-minds attracting.

You Track isn’t a relay race where you pass on the baton to somebody else to continue running in your stead. Rather, it’s a non-linear one where you’re bound to encounter bumps, curves, and sometimes circles and utilize skills, mentality, and forts from previous battles (or races, as the case may be) to scale through.

Another blissful thing about the You Track is running at your own pace. No external inferences or interferences, no pressure, no timelines. You’re your own coach. You’re not waiting to get a pat on the back from a coach or manager because you’re aware enough to give them to yourself when it’s deserving. You have the choice to make regarding whether you need to run, walk, sprint, or hike through your path.

The You Track is unique to you. You have all it takes to set it up and stick it through. Sometimes it’s sweet, other times it’s bitter. But that’s what makes it a You Track. Because you’re the only one who’s going to enjoy the benefits and the independence to say how you want it to keep running despite the bitter sides. It’s like having a newborn baby you’re catering for.

Try it.



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