The Unrealized Signs of a Trophy Wife

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If I had a trophy, I would never let a thing dent it or come next to where I placed it. But since I don’t, I can only imagine how these Oscar and Grammy winners polish or treat their trophies. It’s a pretty big deal if you ask me. To be conferred a prestigious award for utilizing your talents well.

But how about human trophies in the name of a wife, girlfriend, or husband? Do you know such treatment is also applicable to humans? Your significant other might be treating you like a trophy and getting away with it. The downside to this is that you’re human with feelings and a trophy is an object without emotions.

So how do you recognize the signs of being treated like an inanimate object such as a trophy?

My wife this, my husband that, my girlfriend this, etc.… Sounds like someone you know?

People who treat their significant others like a trophy tend to rely heavily on titles such as their marital titles other than their names. Before you object, beware of the fact that name-calling is different from title conferment. You can refer to your significant other by their pet names or names, especially when you’re talking about them to someone who knows them. It is mostly strangers who need to know you’re talking about your “wife”.

The reason is you don’t want to use their titles so much it looks like it’s not a human being behind them after all — like you’d refer to a trophy.

Trophies get polished once in a while. They have a corner in a cabinet or rack where they’re specially placed. I’ve seen it with celebrities, I’ve also noticed it with medical health professionals who neatly arrange their awards somewhere in their offices. Well, when a significant other refuses to let you do anything with yourself, get your hands messy and head hijacked in working for yourself or them even, it’s a sign of being treated like a trophy. Trophies are worth a lot, therefore mismanaging them in the eye of the owner means touching or using them all the time. Be warned.

As a trophy, most times you’d feel very alone and lonely in the relationship. Similar to the point above, your significant other would prefer to engage or indulge others outside than utilize you as a person. In terms of your knowledge, skills, advice, opinion, and all the beauty you come with. In his or her words “they don’t want to stress you”. That’s a trophy categorization right there.

Trophies are expensive in earning. Therefore it makes sense that they’d be treated expensively to uphold their worth. This explains why some people go as far as creating a special space to have all their collections displayed exquisitely in the corner of their homes or office. Just like a trophy, humans can be treated alike when all their expensive needs are always met with little or no fuss. After all, her image has to be upheld all the time to avoid downgrading the reputation of the said “owner” — in this case, the significant other who is treating you like a trophy.

When you’re with someone who treats you like a trophy, you’re constantly proudly shown off to the people around him. Make no mistake, it’s not out of how proud they are of you, but more of how you represent and uphold their image in public. They’re always eager to usher you in and showcase you rather than introduce you like a real human being with feelings. Which most times they ignore — because, I mean they’re catering for all you need to keep making them “proud”. A classic example of a trophy wife.

If you happen to realize their treatment toward you and bring it to their attention, they trivialize your feelings. This is also applicable to other inconsistent emotions you might be getting from time to time. They do so to mask their ill-treatment toward you by reminding you or reinforcing their grandiose gestures toward you. Don’t fall for it. Keep speaking up and muster the courage to walk away.

People who treat their wives or husbands as trophies do so in the name of love. But love doesn’t connote such an act toward somebody that has breath. It is mistreatment that anyone who falls prey to it must acknowledge and reject.

Being treated like a trophy hurts a lot. No one wants to be treated like an object. Therefore it’s imperative to detect these unrealized signals and act appropriately and promptly in diffusing this abusive mode of treatment towards you as a lover in any relationship. Because you deserve better and you have feelings — not just a pretty sitting trophy.

Thanks for reading.



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