The Process of Defining and Accepting Reality and Its Importance

Comet N.
3 min readApr 30, 2023

Many times we are said to be in denial over several difficult situations (or even pleasant ones) in our lives. But who would you blame? It’s hard to accept certain things, especially when we can hardly recognize them.

Reality is one of the most cumbersome things people misconstrue and run from. Even as life plays itself out, we refuse to live it. Now, you can understand why we are called to be in denial.

I hope this article clarifies you.

Reality is the occurrence of events at any point in time. It is the real deal — the actual or very circumstance we are found in. It cannot be eluded, erased, or manipulated.

It is as is.

What makes accepting reality difficult is our interpretation of them. Sometimes the way we want things to be interferes with the way they are perceived — not is. The brain and mind were made up in such a way to protect us from harm, therefore, any situation or occurrence that may pose a threat to any aspects of our living — be it emotional, spiritual, professional, or mental, is bound to be subdued. In which case, we misconstrue the actual thing happening to mean something else so that we can (unintentionally, if I may add), be afloat.

Of course, being in denial is protective. But the shell needs to come off. We need to peel the layers of lies, interpretation, and modification of the truth so that we can be free (pun intended). We need to accept reality for what it is so that we can truly live, otherwise, we would still be portraying acts of survival — which isn’t necessarily authentic and is arduous.

Some helpful tips for accepting reality should come from a pact we make with ourselves to let go. Because if we don’t make up our minds, our minds will make up something else to keep us away from feeling. And the feeling is one of the most humane things. I reiterate, that we feel because we need to live, more than survive, at least.

Once we’ve made that pact, welcoming our reality becomes a bit easier. Be it with our relationships with ourselves, and others, or regarding other areas of our lives as previously stated.

While welcoming our reality, we are bound to feel a lot of (difficult) emotions, which is very confirmatory and okay too. Nobody said welcoming the truth is any fun. It’s just important we do so to make sure we’re aligned with our present tense. Not a made-up tense. We must accept our truth to make sure we create the necessary boundaries, principles, and values that will push us ahead. The difficult emotions will not kill you. It’s communicating different things to you that you need to pay attention to. Because at the end of the day, if you misread or avoid any of them, you’re bound to repeat the cycle. The cycle of avoidance, regret, inner chaos, and another round of difficult emotions, until you accept the message. The message of simply accepting reality as is, and not what you wish or wanted it to be like. See it this way: you cannot live life backward, based on how it used to be, or in a fast-forward mode based on how you wish it to be. You have to live your life now, right now, dealing with all the different realities playing out in the many sectors of your life. To avoid that vicious cycle and unnecessary suffering.

Good Luck too.



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