The Point of no Return Differs between Men and Women when it comes to Relationships

Why is it important?

Comet N.
3 min readDec 6, 2022
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The ebbs and flows in relationships are taken quite differently between each gender. But women take things to heart more than men do, considering our soft and sensitive nature, whereas men most times brush off their hard feelings. This said, it goes to show then when push comes to shove, women are more likely to tighten their accessibility to more future relationships thus, getting to a point of no return more quickly than men.

A point of no return, in this case, means exactly that. It is the critical point when somebody decides never to go back to something, somewhere, or someone they’ve been to. When women reach this level, it’s hard to reverse it. Although getting to this stage takes an unusually long arduous process. When a woman has tolerated and absorbed a lot of hurts (in a different manner), then you’re sure to know they’ll be reaching a point of no return and soon too.

This point of no return could mean never loving again or never loving the same, most profoundly the latter than the former. It’s in scenarios like this we hear statements like: “she’s hardcore”, “unlovable”, “full of herself” and so on. Whereas it was purely time for that change to take place as a form of protection (heart, mind, and soul) and growth from lessons learned.

When it comes to men, a point of no return isn’t as rampant compared to women. Simply put, we live in a world where it feels like men call the shots and get away with things. But for men who have encountered their fair share of hurt and betrayal, it is acknowledged that they, too, can get to that critical point to never love or love the same way again. Nevertheless, men tend to cut any relationship short that burdens them and move on faster than women. Therefore, getting to a point of return isn’t always as long as women would endure. And when men reach that stage, they’re usually admired more by other women than not. Although they may depict several narcissistic tendencies, to others, they’re just being men. When backed up with the story of their hurtful past, it makes the attitude all the more justifiable.

The way a man loves and accepts love differs from that of a woman. Likewise, the level of endurance a woman depicts in a relationship surpasses that of a man due to our nature. The point of return hereby differs for each gender based on these traits and tolerance levels. A woman is bound to lock her ability to show or accept love unlike before no matter the ground, for a long period at least, compared to men.

This is not a hate or love post about preferences between a man and a woman. But rather an avenue to highlight the subtle, easily overlooked differences women portray in the aftermath of relationships versus men. And if you like, perceive the unbalanced nature of acceptance and admiration of one gender over another expressing the same traits — and hopefully, maybe call a spade a spade.

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