The One Time People’s Words Should Bother You

When their action or inactions are in alignment with their person consistently

Comet N.
2 min readAug 27, 2022


Words and actions differ. They penetrate each person differently too. Some might prefer words (like me) whereas others simply look at your actions before judging you. Either way is okay for whom they work for.

However, as much as the common opinion is to ignore what people might say or do to check you, there’s only one exception to that. Which is to deduce the character of the said people first before embracing or discarding them. This exception doesn’t mean you can’t still play deaf to naysayers. But it’s paramount when you want to know who is who. This enables healthy relationships to blossom and quickly detects toxic ones and put them to an end.

If certain people criticize you all the time, use what you’ve always known and perceived them to be s to conclude whether they deserve, even an ounce of your energy or a peek of your presence. Words are not always just words, they’re enough. However, it’s worth delving deeper into the things certain people say sometimes. Important people like your family members, relatives, loved ones, and friends. Depending on what you deem important.

Careful evaluation of these people’s character devoid of what they say or how they tend to act towards you will show you all you need.

For instance, you might have a loved one who constantly acts childish whenever you both fight, or who says things they don’t mean. It might have been that they’ve confided in you from the get-go about such flaws. Therefore, when such a case arises, you call it bluff and move on.

Another instance shows the antithetical version of this case — where family members constantly barrage you with negative words or treat you like an outcast irrespective of you always communicating to them that you’re an anxious person. In such a case, you’re permitted to conclude they really don’t care about your well-being — and move on as well.

Some of the mistakes we make normally spring from attaching too much meaning to a person or their role in our lives. People are fleeting, so holding so tight could leave you highly disappointed in the end. It’s advisable to follow people the way they are. And not how we want them to be. If they don’t please our spirits, we’re free (mentally at least) to blacklist them from our hearts.

There’s no need to bear grudges when you’ve deciphered how a person truly is irrespective of their negative splurge here and there. As long as you know their hearts, that’s all that matters, and. That’s the bearing you should use to let you decide whether you want to keep entertaining them or not.



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