The Lack of these 6 Ammunitions” will Burn Down a Relationship Quickly

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3 min readMay 8, 2023


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A relationship is a ship that either sails or sinks. It’s not supposed to be such a hard pill to swallow, but more times than not it is. As humans, we must get into relationships or encounter other humans from time to time no matter what. This means that it is a cornerstone of our existence. It can be divided into many sectors, but for this article, I would be focusing more on the romantic aspect of relationships.

When it comes to romantic relationships, it is harder than a platonic one, we get entangled with strangers and “decide” to make them the center of our world. It’s all good and fine until those walls come crashing down.

Why you may ask?

Because the relationship most likely lacks these vital ammunitions needed to make it thrive.


Do you know the first thing that allows us to engage with others is how we “unconsciously” perceive them desirably? This is our intuition. It is the same intuition that warns you about red flags, which at times, get ignored in the undesirable ones. For the former, you’re drawn to them when you become attracted to somebody and your instincts feel right about them. Now, imagine what happens when you cannot decipher what your intuition is saying. You’re bound to end up in the wrong hands, thus leading to the breakdown of the relationship, whether then, or in the future.


When someone finally captures your attention, due to the pleasant feelings you’ve got for them, you’re going to shower them with lots of love, give them more time, hang out, and chat through the phone, bringing in lots of positive energy to show that you’re invested and interested in them “full-time”. Again, imagine when the reverse is the case. Suddenly, you don’t “see” or hear from your partner any longer, they don’t create time, or give in the same energy or effort in sustaining the vibe from the get-go. You got it right. The relationship will come crashing down! No two ways about it.


One of the greatest gifts of being in a relationship is the affection that emanates from it. As humans, we crave love, touch, and attention. As such affection creates this form of validation that you’re needed, getting pleased or involved in the (relationship) “game”. Affection works by talking, touching, hugs, kisses, etcetera. All serve as reminders you’re seen and desirable. When affection diminishes from a relationship, you feel lost, confused, unwanted, and inhumane, and no human wants to feel like they’re not present. The relationship sinks!


Communication is indeed the hallmark of any relationship. It is the starter, main course, and dessert of any relationship. When communication is hoarded or extinct from a relationship, rest assured the relationship is over — pending when you accept it. Simple as that.

-Interaction and Connection

These two states summarize all I’ve been explaining above. You need to interact with the said person you want to relate within the first place. You need to continue to do so, to share with them, cry with them, feel with them, and rejoice with them. This will create the strong connection needed to sustain the relationship past the storm and turbulent stages. But whereby any or all of these are missing, the relationship, the ship in it sails totally.

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