The Indispensable Role Curiosity Plays in a Relationship

Comet N.
2 min readJan 8, 2023

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my days of incessant Korean series bingeing, is their ability to portray curiosity as the first vital trait of interest in the opposite sex in their relationship.

Curiosity is showing the ability to know what you don’t know. You are literally poking your nose — healthily so if you like — in the bid to discover the unknown.

This trait is vital in relationships because it’s used as a means to get to know your significant other. Two strangers who met and decided to build their lives together will always have something to teach and learn about one another. Therefore, it upholds a lot of meaning when your partner wants to know why you do things the way you do them, they want to understand the way you think and process things. They want a defining meaning to your actions at times. These are all curious traits. This stretches further down to “silly” things as well. Those pet peeves and goofy traits you exhibit as well.

When you lose this ability, you lose it all. When you downplay or stop being curious about your partner, you are saying a thousand words. You’re essentially saying you are not interested in them, on a general scale. But also, you’re saying there could be nothing more to them. You’re equally saying as well, that the relationship might as well be dead.

Losing your curious potential extends to other areas of one’s life. It stomps your growth and ability to discover and grow as a person. It means everything looks the same to you. You’re conceding to the complacency of being just the way you’ve reached with No further need to reinvent or improve.

Curiosity marks the beginning and the end of a person and their relationship. When we take out time to study the people around us and get curious about their behavior, it becomes easy to fully adapt or adjust according to their energies. As opposed to if you didn’t do so and continued to float with them and within yourself. If this becomes the case, then that means your relationship or friendship is potentially over. But when you continue to indicate interest in them as they are, and their upgrade, it becomes easy to flourish the relationship and yourself while at it.

People change all the time, so, refusing to get curious about one’s agenda or traits or who they are is clearly stating you’re not interested in them. Little things like their food preference down to big things such as their professional or career inclinations in life, are some of the starter curious traits when exhibited that show you’re well into the person. As well as a big sign you’re not when that particular trait is reduced or diminished.

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