Success From Struggles is Where the Inspiration Lies

Not the other way round

Comet N.
3 min readOct 4, 2020

I can bet the different types of feelings we are bound to get at the end of any successful accomplishment. Be it life project, work project, team assignment, personal goals…

One of them is feelings of exhilaration:- which is the usual excitement that accompanies success.

Another one is the feeling of relief:- (even if temporarily)from the drudgery involved in successfully attaining something.

The third one is mixed feelings:- from not knowing whether to be excited or be calm, considering that the next stage of things might entail more (I fall into this category a lot of times).

The endpoint of whatever journey you’ve been on, that ends successfully, always marks the beginning of a new era. Which is always worth celebrating.

But in between all these, there’s always that feeling that is amiss. The feeling that comes from inspiring someone or a situation, based on your previous success. Whether it’s based on the same thing or a totally different scenario.

The raw feeling that makes you feel capable of being there for someone else, and advising them on the right steps to take and strategies they can implore to overcome their own hurdles.

The popular knowledge is that anyone can advise you and just anyone can take it too. But there’s an exception, especially for people like us who are too practical. In this case, dishing out advice aimlessly to us would only be a waste of time and effort for the advisor. Instead, we appreciate plausible advice mostly from an experienced person’s point of view.

There’s nothing most non-viable to me than when a piece of advice or comfort is sought over a difficult situation and get told: “you’ll be fine”. With nothing else backing it — such as instances to “how” or why you think so; offering to actively help, or something related. Again, impracticalities.

That’s the reason why success from struggles puts any person in a better situation to guide somebody else.

You may ask: but what if I’ve never struggled before with something, hence, unqualified to inspire?

Answer: This is unlikely because everybody suffers from one thing or the other. There’s always a cross to bear. However, it doesn’t have to be something deep, it could be a struggle over the minimal scale of things.

Like one of the brilliant writers Todd Brison said:

Agony is a rite of passage. Endurance births credibility. Imagine a person who never one hardship in life. Nobody would watch that movie. We’re innately wired to expect struggles in stories.

Nevertheless, each feat you’ve gained depicts a successful derivation of something you planned or stumbled upon — after a tussling process — or not.

Learn to see it from this perspective: success is most appreciated when we must have struggled to reach that point. And it’s only through those struggles will you be better motivation and inspiration to someone else in a similar situation or a disparate one.

Have you noticed something, perhaps, to do more with prominent and successful elites in the society — for example, Oprah Winfrey, J.K Rowling, Jim Carrey? They tend to tell their tale(the origin of their success, the struggles too) after they attained that height.

What do you think is the purpose of that if not to teach and to inspire?



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