Saving Yourself First Must Come Before Asking for God’s

Why do we suffer from a false sense of self-confidence?

Comet N.
3 min readJun 20, 2023
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We are our problems at times. We expect a lot of good to pan out in our lives without taking time to evaluate and change ourselves for the better. Other times when we admit the need for change, we become restless and desperate to not allow those blessings to visit us at the right time. Instead, we fast-forward and rush to get to the “finish line”. Except it’s an elusive one.

We do not need God for everything; we need ourselves

Saving yourself first must come before seeking God’s. You have to be willing to understand where you are going astray and ways to make amends before asking God into the matter. problem is, we tend to invite God into situations that we can solely handle on our own. Yes, solely.

The mentality we need to abolish is that we need God for literally everything. And even though a part of that is true, since he’s our creator and guide, we are totally the orchestrators of our paths and thus Destiny.

Seeking God in the physical realm is impossible

You do not expect an angel to visit you and correct your ways if you’re in denial of your dishonest predicament. An angel guides, but they’re within you — always. Seeking God in the physical realm is impossible, he operates using our minds, personalities, friends, strangers, and families to put us right. He is a spirit that guides as so. Therefore to get him to manifest his saving grace, we must be willing to come right by ourselves in the physical realm. This is the misconception a lot of people have that needs to be addressed.

Own your flaws and start working towards becoming a better person in the physical realm

One of the ways we can amend our ways is by learning to have difficult conversations with ourselves. Something I’d like to call being “pop and plain”. You have to be truthful to others but very honest with yourself. Ask unbiased questions about your troubled heart, the lack of your self-confidence, the lack of trust for others, and so many issues alike. It’s easy to get carried away and presume ourselves victims. But the truth lies in ascertaining what we can do to help ourselves get out of a repetitive tricky, difficult, situation once and for all. Are you a pretender? People-pleaser? Mean at times?, cold? Own it! Own your flaws and slowly (or quickly as the case may be) re-navigate your footsteps. This exemplifies how you’re taking responsibility in your physical realm before being visited by the Holy Spirit as a consolidation.

Rounding up:

God uses a reverse-psychology-like strategy on us.

Ultimately, you must address your issues and be willing to work on yourself first, before garnering the confidence to request for God’s saving grace — moving on. This is what true confidence identifies as. It lets you believe your prayers are answered afterward.



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