Reflective Sparks Here and There…

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Everything doesn’t have to mean something. But when you encounter something repeatedly it’s assumed it’s a sign or communication from the Universe. It’s assumed to no longer be just a mere coincidence. Only a spiritually aware person would know this.

Sparks are always a good thing. It is an omen that normally represents positive things. A spark in the sky (Comet?), a spark on a ring, a spark in the eyes also, and a magic/miracle wand. All good things.

How about when we experience these sparks in the form of a reflection, a reflective spark one too many times? What is its significance?

A reflective spark is the type of spark we see through a shiny or reflective object such as a mirror. Most times they appear as sparks and other times as a shadow. If you do not pay attention, you could miss them — as they appear and disappear very quickly.

Borrowing some information-turned-knowledge from an ardent spiritual writer such as Kimberly Fosu, whom I admire, it’s no wonder to infer that experiencing the same type of events repeatedly over a course of time could be the Universe trying to communicate something to you.

I believe that.

Sometimes the message comes alone with no further clues, and other times, it comes along with cues to help reinforce and acknowledge it. So, for instance, you might be seeing the same pattern or design, color, or number “strangely” repeatedly within a set period — you might also encounter dreams, conversations, and further signals to help send your mind back to the original message.

Photo by Jake Oates on Unsplash

For me, however, encountering some of the reflective sparks these past few weeks got me thinking about what their meaning could be. Is it an indication to pay attention to that specific area where the spark is occurring or is it something deeper?

This, in conjunction with encountering odd numbers (a number away from being rounded) such as 299, 489, and 565, has communicated a lot to my spirit. This article makes it the 260th post I would’ve published.

Thus, I think I’ve sort of figured it out.

My conclusion was that these reflective sparks, odd numbers, together with some vivid dreams and “random” mind drifting, are ways of nudging me to reflect on some things from my past that I considered important I left at bay. My family members whom I alienated myself from, relatives, and other familiar people in general.

Truth is, I’ve tried to make a lot of significant changes that have put me in stances where I never have to look back again to things that hurt me or brought me down to my face. Because that’s not what forging ahead is all about after all. It’s really about sieving the lessons from the ugliness of each encounter and turning them into a grind that increases one’s strength and stamina. But these signals might be telling me to look back once again, to reconnect, and notice the blind spot as I seem to be in a much better space now compared to before to do so.

It all makes sense to me now. After all, I’m aware how looking back mostly tends to occur after one has defeated her demons. Besides when you’ve grown so much the past could never have such an influence on you as it did. That’s why I think I’m seeing these reflective sparks as hints to reflect and pay attention now to some of those pasts.

In that same regard, I think the odd numbers requiring a number or more to be rounded up is a sign that there’s a missing component in my life that would be completed once it’s derived or done.

In essence, the Universe communicates to us strongly or subtly as in my case. When we don’t pay attention, we’re left wondering what could be and miss some imperative blind spots which need to be uncovered. Whereas if we paid attention, we might also get to percept other clues in line to help us in discovering the mystery. Even if a necessary evil.

What we do afterward — whether obeying or disobeying the message is up to you. Sometimes all we are required to do is just admit the message with inaction. So, in my case, I’m willing to obey to reflect on my past but not necessarily indulge in any actions in retrieving back hurtful things or people back into it.

Therefore, it is beneficial for our spirits to be at rest when we choose to honor what it needs to be. Otherwise, we risk matching our feet as we seemingly move forward. And that’s not growth.

Cultivating our spiritual sides is highly necessary to admit these signals when they arise. It enables us to be in tune with the very core of our being which makes us soundly aware conscious beings as we should be.

Thanks for taking the time to read.



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