People Need to Correct the Mentality that a person Without a Job is Jobless and Free

Clearing up some misconceptions

Comet N.
4 min readOct 13, 2023
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What do we regard as a job? And who do we think is a jobless person?

To have a job is to be occupied with a structured way of living that fetches you wages for survival. That’s how I’d like to define it. At the same time, a jobless person is one both without a job, who’s free and indifferent about it. Now, these are two different perspectives. It begs to add that freeness can be defined in different ways conceptually as well. In the case of a person without a job might be “free” of a job compared to a person with a job. However, what we fail to understand also, is that freeness can take place in both a person WITH a job and a person without.

Why is it important to highlight these differences?

  1. To correct the stigma people without jobs face daily.
  2. To alleviate the mental burden that adds to the financial instability a person without a job suffers from.

The truth is that just because someone is out of a job or unemployed doesn’t necessarily equate to them being jobless, free, mindless, idle, or nonchalant.

How? You may ask:

Clearing up some misconceptions about people without jobs (“jobless” people as they are called?)

Unemployed people have the biggest “jobs” to do — that is, searching for a job.

It’s very tough getting into the employment market. It takes a toll on one’s mental state, and physically tasking, and financially burdensome. The amount of time and level of energy a person without a job has to put in to get one becomes the biggest job of the day for them. Not until they find one. So, no, an unemployed person isn’t jobless.

People without jobs aren’t as unserious as misconceived

For people who have known consistency and stability (in many sectors of their lives) all their lives, it’s easy to misconstrue someone without a job as being unserious. Joblessness doesn’t equate to unseriousness. It takes a whole lot of reasons and realities to check them like that. Namely; lack of good opportunities, unpreparedness, or lack of resources. Most times, it’s not anyone’s fault.

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Unemployed people aren’t mindless

Just because someone isn’t able to make a concrete source of income or plans doesn’t mean they’re mindless. Most times, you’d marvel at how many and how far their minds travel in deciphering what’s best for them to go for/into.

People without jobs aren’t free

One of the most hurtful things some people without jobs pass through is the mentality about them that says they’re always free and even available. Technically, it’s true that one without a job is free of it, but it doesn’t mean they’re free in all areas of their life and have given up on themselves. Some “jobless” people still find time to occupy themselves with personal growth-oriented measures that will equip them to continue developing or growing in many other areas of their lives. Based on personal experience, focusing on other areas of one’s life brings positivity and light to other parts pending.

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Unemployed people aren’t jobless

Last but not least, a person without a job who’s a hard worker and determined, isn’t entirely jobless. They are working their way through their success story.

In fact: some people without jobs have more focus than the ones who have jobs. They are free to explore different options and garner ideas on paths that may lead them to their true destiny.

Some people without jobs are goal-oriented and thus, put more pressure on themselves to achieve their goals, as opposed to someone who’s complacent with their jobs.

People without jobs at times end up in less tread paths, they are creative entrepreneurs which often lead to solid success as opposed to people with jobs that follow a structured way of living.

It’s all about the mindset. If you believe that you’re “jobless” and hence, are idle, free, and available, you’d live like that and people will follow you that way. But if you’re without a job, believe you aren’t jobless, and understand your capabilities versus potentials, the sky will be your springboard. And guess what? People will never be able to tell of your employment or financial status and respect you like a CEO. Again, the mindset.

However, if you fall into the category of people making up these negative assumptions about people without jobs, know this:

We need to reduce the barrage of questions thrown at people still trying to find their feet. We need to chill and be more compassionate toward them and not complicate their already anxious-filled pressured life with our expectations and standards of living. Everyone is not the same, therefore getting a job might not always solve all their problems as you may think. It’s best to encourage people without jobs to realize their core selves and use their truth to pursue their financial destinies. Not working or acting as a preceding God or judges over their life.

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