Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is a state of mind. It’s a mental process derived from the physical one. It is an important phenomenon that no one can steal from you unless you let them. Yet, it’s the most difficult to attain.

Peace of mind isn’t elusive unless it’s not the peace of mind

Peace of mind is when you’ve gotten to comprehend who you are and have accepted it.

Peace of mind is when your mind remains calm even when you’re in a state of turbulence.

It is when you accept what you cannot change.

It is in knowing you couldn’t choose the family you were born into and sticking up with them.

Peace of mind rarely just happens you choose it to instill it.

Peace of mind explains in situations where you argue or fight with a loved one and still got them.

It is also when you share a deep secret about yourself with a partner with no agitations afterward.

Peace of mind is when you’re able to exercise yourself unapologetically especially when surrounded by your family or friends.

It is when you know “what time it is” and are not in a hurry, therefore.

Peace of mind comes from knowing when to start and when to stop.

It is with acknowledging that life’s full of ups and downs and being respectively grateful and prepared for either.

Peace of mind also comes with knowing that life can be messy and that we were born to suffer but choosing to live anyway.

Peace of mind comes from knowing you’ve got everything it takes to be all you can be — which begins with finding your calling.

Peace of mind is knowing when to let go, when enough is enough and retracting from moving ahead.

Peace of mind is fighting the negative down spiraling aspects of it and reviving the positive ones, being okay with them.

Peace of mind is all about the aforementioned and more, but most importantly when the mind is at peace regardless.



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