Parental Support is Everything

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Parental support is how we came to become who we are today. We were molded by the mentalities and personalities of our folks during childhood. As such, our reflection in adulthood can depict whether we gained the parental support we inherently needed, still need or could need.

Breaking down these three forms explains truly how essential having your parent’s support is to your life.

For starters, having supportive parents breeds an authentic version of you. If you have to bite your tongue each time you explain something or express yourself, you’re not fully being yourself- and a lack of parental support plays a huge role in that. How? You may ask.

Having supportive parents goes beyond giving support, it mainly has to do with accepting your child the way he or she is and working with it, rather than against it. This genuine form of support fosters authenticity in a kid, as she’s allowed to be herself to the core and managed efficiently. As opposed to teaching her how to act before she’s even become herself. Too late.

Parental support engineers a child to go for what she wants, even after she’s become an adult. We will always need our parent’s support beyond childhood. Therefore, the majority of our decision-making as regards career, love life, and living in general will require their support here and there. Having non-supportive parents in your life can tame this vital factor or factors of living in these areas of life, making the child confused and unsuccessful at anything. Whereas having positive parental support can harness the mental faculty to push ahead in a life devoid of any opposing circumstance.

Speaking of which, good parental support instills confidence in a child. Confidence is an essential personal development tool for living well. As such it helps a child believe more in herself and her capabilities to live life irrespective of setbacks.

Good parental support is everything. How a child grows explains whether he or she receives love or support. Kids grow up looking up to their parents, and this pans out as so for the rest of our lives at times. Therefore, a parent must protect their child from harm’s way by firstly imbibing in them the gift of unconditional love, enabling them to love and believe in themselves, and most importantly, to understand that they will always have succor to lean on even when they make mistakes. It’s everything!

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