Other Archaic Ways, Non-verbal Ways Of Communication — to Acknowledge

Comet N.
2 min readAug 25, 2022

Communication isn’t only a verbal, emotional, or mental conversation and comprehension of information. Other archaic ways exist whereby people communicate with others — which requires a specific understanding of the language or gesture by the said people.

Money Language

Oftentimes, people tend to use money as a way to either communicate their feelings, profess their love, or reach for an understanding and reconciliation. While this may not be appropriate in certain genuine-triggering communication patterns, it’s not entirely dismissible. As spending money on someone or something shows a “level” of care and/or appreciation for them. People who utilize this method often do not know any better way to extend their regards or simply communicate when need be.


Silence is one of the most powerful ways to communicate. It is often used in situations where words or actions won’t suffice. It is energy-saving, less implicating, and triggers curiosity. Silence can easily turn into stonewalling. This is where any form of healthy communication is blocked or avoided to create an avenue for moving forward. And as such, it makes silence a bizarre way of communicating — even when you might not.

Body language

Body language is a fairly common way of communication. Although people tend to overlook this aspect of communication, it is an important factor to look out for when communicating or as you’re communicated to. Body language includes facial expressions, body posture, gestures, and so on. You can easily detect, especially for keen observers and highly sensitive people, what someone is saying with any part of their body without necessarily voicing out any words. This makes it archaic as it’s “expected” that communication bears a stronger omen than that.

So, here you have it. Money, silence, and body languages are some of the unconventional ways of communicating one’s thoughts, feelings wants, or needs. Or simply a way to connect to others without necessarily going through the outspoken, conspicuous verbal emotional, and mental way of reasoning and of communicating.



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