Opportunities Define your Kind of Thoughts and Quests in life

I once learned somewhere that to be on a mission to something, we need both vision and values to help us get there. The visionary aspect of things has a lot to do with envisaging how the opportunities we want would be in order to achieve our goals. Because sometimes if we don’t dream it, we can’t get it.

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Opportunities are a window period or chance that allows one to obtain or materialize their goals. Sometimes, it comes and goes, other times it presents itself ceaselessly. One of the most important aspects of development is knowing when this opportunity arises and how to use them. Ready people are always prepared and constantly waiting for the opportunity to present itself. Others would say that even more ready people create the opportunities themselves. The latter isn’t always easy. In life, several things are out of our control just because…

Opportunities, when seized, differ from when used. And this difference tells well on who’s prepared and not. Seizing opportunities means you recognize when it comes and what exactly you need to do to make it worthwhile. Using opportunities only can come off placid. Which is okay, but doesn’t exacerbate your enthusiasm for the said chance.

Opportunities can come but once, they can also be recycled. When you experience a similar opportunity given to you, it’s trying to tell you something. It’s trying to measure your level of consistency in doing or being what you already started with it. But when an opportunity comes but once, it’s just that. All you can do is create other avenues to do what you couldn’t do in the first place — even though it won’t be the same. For example, missing an important recital shouldn’t end your quest for a successful music career.

Opportunities help us stay calm and grateful. Talk about opportunities to sing, dance, write, paint, and simply do whatever you love.

Calm, in the sense that we know they’ll eventually come. So rather than rush through and be impatient with achieving the luck that comes with it, we wait instead. Because certain opportunities always abound. And they rid anxiety and nervousness for that sake. Opportunities make us grateful because we are given the leverage to do something or become something we’ve always wanted to do. We recognize the opportunity and it doubles that blessing to even see that.

Opportunities make us insightful if only we let them. There are many times opportunities come and go and we didn’t seize them as we ought to. That brings about the insight we need to prepare better perhaps for when it shows again.

I’m not here to tell you what you already know, but rather to highlight a critical aspect of opportunity we might not know about. This is that opportunity is one of the main reasons we are either yet to accomplish what we desire or, stuck in the middle, or have achieved them.

Opportunity is equally what defines a lot of our success. Many people are full of talents and highly skilled but have not materialized those things in a way that fetches them stability. In the many levels of life that they’d hoped. As such, it becomes paramount to evaluate the key role opportunities are playing in our field of being and prospering.

Seizing opportunity differs from just using it. Ceasing it screams readiness, preparedness, and so on. On the other hand, staying idle and waiting endlessly for an opportunity to present itself makes it harder to see that it has arrived when it finally does.

Opportunities are what we’re naturally given by God and Universe to make things happen. It’s better to prepare for an opportunity than wait until it hits you. Certain delays we encounter in several areas of our lives were opposed to growing as a result of being unprepared. This may explain why it’s hard for your desires to come through. Perhaps because you’re still not fully prepared yet.

Opportunities come with a lot of space and a chance to do it all, but they can equally escape you miserably. But having and exercising the abundance mindset that what is for you won’t escape you really, makes it easier to endure and continue to strive. With hopes that another opportunity will present itself to course-correct.

That’s what living means. That’s what being a human being means. And most importantly, that’s what personal development really entails.

Seize the opportunity given to you now. With the breath you have.

Thanks for taking the time to read.



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