Make use of the Spotlight to Create an Impact

This is dedicated to my long-time friend and optimist

Comet N.
3 min readOct 21, 2023

Disclaimer: This article is not a political vice. I am not political and don’t intend to demonstrate that.

A friend of mine would say: “ Little or Big, there’s a Difference only You can Make”. I’ve come across this WhatsApp status of hers for many years now, however, I read it from a shallow mindset. Thinking further about the spotlight a few days ago struck a cord that drew a similarity to that quote.

Photo by Aliane Schwartzhaupt on Unsplash

In life, we all have the spotlight. Some of us shy away from them, whereas others fully embrace them. There are underlying reasons for people’s evasiveness from their spotlight, a rational one at that, however, it doesn’t mean they “should” continue doing so. Everyone has a purpose on earth to fulfill. As much as the spotlight doesn’t come in a typical disco light shine doesn’t mean it’s all dim around you. We need to use our spotlights to make an impact on the Universe. No matter how little or big we define them.

It’s easy to get carried away by our expectations from the government or their bodies, that we forget we’re a government on our own in our rights. We govern our mind, emotions, and, physicality. Therefore, we ought to use what we already have control over to create a positive impact.

The government is made up of people hence, everyone has a role — every single one of us. The more we give, the higher the rationality to our expectations by the political government. Some of the little things we have control over include, first and foremost, being kind to one another. This friend of mine represents this aspect to the core. Everyone loves her as she loves them. Her heart is big and her attitude depicts it.

Secondly, we need to save our planet, by the way we manage our refuse dumps. Our ecosystem is suffering a lot from the lack of this individual skill.

We need to learn to nurture our minds and manage our emotions intelligently. Doing so will not only benefit us and the community at large, but the generations to come. For example: the way we raise our kids, will determine if emotional intelligence will be imparted. Of which will extend to more generations to come.

Therefore, we need to be informed and inspired to be better and do better, for the benefit of all and ourselves. Then we can feel free to be frustrated when the political government is slacking. If not, ask yourself why anyone who isn’t willing to obey her rules or create standards should be ready for the legislation the government will put in place to amend things.

I’m postulating this from a humane angle — see disclaimer.

Therefore, as my friend rightfully wrote: “Little or Big, there’s a Difference only You can Make”.

The spotlight is directed to your angle, even in your dimly lighted room, even in moments you feel tired of doing the right thing, be reminded that there’s an impact only You can make and don’t wait on others first. You’re not small, weak, or incapable, you’re worthy enough to create an impact. The World and generations to come are waiting. Let your life become a stage to make the difference.

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