Loose Ends…

Loose ends give room for attachment to something else that may (overall) tighten other loopholes in life (figuratively and otherwise).

Comet N.
4 min readMar 4, 2020


Loose end means imperfection.

It means having several things you wish but may not be working out for you at the same time.

It means having the ability to multitask; juggling between different important things and not hell-bent on perfecting one (unless deemed necessary).

For instance, I’m a stickler to the self- help tip of practicing one self-improvement/ personal growth skill before jumping to another one but I also strongly believe in one being multihyphenate— the kind that extends beyond profession to other areas of life too.

Personally, I used to seek for perfection in everything I did. I would rather “put all my eggs in one basket” and guard them jealously and perfectly than spread them and be left unsettled with loose ends. This was the case over the period of time prior, during and after University education.

It was impossible to work while studying (after several failed attempts) because I chose to focus more on studies and perfect it; my dating game was at a halt because I didn’t want that sort of distractions either. I left Facebook and totally alienated myself — reclusive to everything except the four walls of my triad- based life of the school, home and library.

You don’t have to wait until everything is perfect or set before doing other things you need to do

It’s not such a bad omen to prioritize your life and focus more on what matters most to you, leaving the rest to fall into place — all because you’re afraid, that like me, you’ll be left with loose ends when you participate in other things at the same time. But having loose ends can be ingenious on it’s own and hence beneficial — whether the focus is on one thing or others inclusive.

Perhaps if I had indulged in other extracurricular activities that were equally needful such as mixing work with studies and socializing enough, it would have formed and bettered the skill-set need(ed) to face employment more satisfactorily after I was done — whether vocational or not — for starters, good interpersonal skills. The purpose of studies is to work afterward but education in general, has more to teach and I missed the opportunity to merge both (in this regard).

Currently, I’m becoming versatile in accepting the challenge and indulging in other activities that are equally beneficial, irrespective of actively seeking employment — such as reading, writing, social networking (never good at this), getting to know myself, managing a committed relationship and dealing with all the loose ends they come with rather than waiting long for one to be perfected first before engaging in the rest— as you don’t have to wait until everything is perfect or set before doing other things you need to do.

Other instances are;

You can be happily married and still go back to school and manage the loose ends that come with both (have a friend who did this and killed it).

You can be involved in your vocational/ full-time job and create time for that side hustle or gig.

You can work and still seeks other meaningful ways to improve your already-acquired skills, like paying for and attending classes and seminars — all for the sake of a much-needed growth — and nevertheless, manage all the loose ends, the discrepancies.

Time management comes into play here.

With that said, what the quest for tightening or avoiding loose ends (unnecessarily) does to you is that it leaves you stuck and non- labile from fulfilling other needful things.

It’s normal to start up something for the time being and then slowly delve into other things — especially if they are atoms that contributes to your molecule, that is, success or general well-being.

Loose ends give room for attachment to something else that may (overall) tighten other loopholes in life (figuratively and otherwise).

As humans, we were given the ability to be imaginative and creative. These potentials ought to be exercised in the most advantageous ways possible and having some loose ends means you’re not restricted from using those innate prowess.

This does not mean that we have to carelessly navigate through things we don’t have the time, capability, or inclination to do all in the bid to feel busy. It’s about carefully deciding what else needs to be added to the list of skills, achievements, or whatever else it may be, that would enable us to accomplish our long term goals or at least confirm the humane aspect of us that yearns for growth — after all, even the laziest person on earth is likely to depict different levels of laziness and not get stuck on one style.

Let’s learn to accept that we aren’t perfect and can’t have it all. One of the ways to achieve this is by being open-minded and willing to try different things and sometimes merge them with other very essential things which will provide a holistic approach to enabling us to accomplish our end-goals.

It’s called growth, it’s also called being innovative.

No matter what your stance in life is, you know you’ll always crave to do better and have more. We were ingrained with this insatiable attribute from birth. We might as well make good use of it by entertaining some loose ends, sometimes.



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