List of Ways you can Confirm Wholeheartedly that Someone Truly Understood you

By Comet N.

Photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash

No matter how indifferent we may seem toward people’s opinions about us, a little part of us wants to be understood by them — be it our friends, partners, colleagues, bosses, or neighbors — but mostly by our loved ones. This understanding breeds closeness in relationships, likewise, openness and trust, etc.

When we are understood by people it equally saves us the stress of emphasizing things each time or the amount of time, we spend reiterating our points. In essence, being understood creates an effective smooth flow of conversations and hence, communications.

Furthermore, misunderstanding or not understanding people means you were only heard, not listened to. Which can be hurtful. Therefore, I’ve mapped out some of the ways you can wholeheartedly confirm it when someone seems to have understood you — in totality that is.

A.) They are aware of the full story

If someone doesn’t fully get the details of something you’re about to speak to them about, it’s hard to believe that they fully understood you. Not only this, but it also makes it hard for you to take their advice — because they don’t know the full picture, they’re only speaking based on the parts you let them know. As such, this is haphazard.

B.) They maintain eye contact or another positive body language

Bonn-verbal cues are essential while communicating with someone whom you need to understand you well. Such as maintaining eye contact, nodding their heads, or even short affirmative replies. These give the signals that a person understands you well because they are emanating these positive body language and signs at their right proportions and time.

C.) They let you finish

Cutting someone short of what they are about to say or in the middle of their conversations can lead to not fully understanding wholly in the end. This urge comes from a place of either showcasing your intuitive abilities to detect and hence finish the other person’s sentence to show you understand where they’re coming from or mere ego. However, knowing where someone may be coming from is different from knowing where they’d land. This is why it’s imperative to let others finish what they have in mind before jumping in to say something. It’s a remarkable sign of feeling well-understood in the end. Because the speaker didn’t use your borrowed words.

4.) They still remember some (if not all) of the things you discussed with them

One of the best ways to pass an examination is having and exerting your retentive memory. Retentive memory comes to play when you ingrain your brain with new information or knowledge about something. As such it’s hard to forget. So, one of the best ways to know that you were well understood is to do a follow-up conversation or discussion about what you previously chatted about. Or having the person remember some, if not all, elements of the conversation you both had. It’s the best feeling ever.

Communication is a two-way street. But often we divert all the attention to ourselves — unknowingly in that bid. This can be frustrating, and strain relationships severely. The inability to be understood sometimes when you’ve taken time and effort to confide in someone can leave you exasperated. But hopefully, with some of these signs above, you can save yourself all that stress or bask in the fulfillment of having such good confidants in the form of a good listener you can go to.

Thanks for taking the time to read.



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