Life’s on Repeat.

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Life is a cycle. Not one thing remains as so for a long time. My mother will tell you “there is nothing the ears haven’t heard and eyes have seen”. It’s all been said and done. As such, life can appear like a boring feat. Each day becomes a struggle as we continue to predict how they’d unfold. Life doesn’t sound much of a mystery anymore like before. The youths are taking the world by “storm” and the aged are not slowing down either. Everyone and everything is out. People aren’t afraid of saying how they feel and doing what they do. Even in how boring and predictable life seems, the subtle differences that arise are constantly overlooked because we focus on the “big” picture. The mentality that got engraved in sunny hearing, experiencing, or seeing things “bigger” than us before we were ready.

Fashion/styles are refurbished, and lifestyle is evolving — be it food, health, beauty, and the like. Social media which proved to be unique is becoming the order of the day, no one’s relating in person any longer. We prefer to type, than “chat”. People are choosing to be alone than mingle unlike before, choosing to stay single rather than mingle or have kids. There are still those nuances.

As much as we want to swear we know it all, or shrug at the most ridiculous things as though we aren’t marveled, life still has its “here and there’s” that makes it all exciting. These things lie in our ability to detect those nuanced things which prove non-cyclical. It could be by noticing someone’s queer character or originality. It could also be a question of “how” we see things rather than how we see them. No matter what, there are still a few exceptions to life that make it all the more exciting despite being on repeat.

As much as everything seems to be the same and on the radar “as per usual”, what still separates us from others is our uniqueness and originality. The way we do what everyone else is doing or choosing not to do them at all, are some of the things which stand us out and until we embrace our authentic selves, everything is always going to look the same even when there are shifts.

It makes a lot of sense to assume everything is the same. Humans depict similar characteristics, this is what makes us belong to a group in the first place, that makes us feel less alone. But also, our vision about life has a lot to do with seeing life differently and living it so, and it is through believing that we have different missions to accomplish whilst on this earth — of which our vision and utilizing our skills/talents, help us fully accomplish.

I was discussing with a friend about how life’s truly on repeat and feel as though we’re stuck in a rut. While also mentioning how death is not an easy option to choose to improve things either, he mentioned age and society as major contributing factors to seeing life in a different light. It makes a whole lot of sense. I quipped in at some point like I’m stating now, there comes a certain age we get to where we’re past doing what society expects, be it education, marriage, or starting a family and take a huge rest from it all. It is during this resting period we start to become more sensitive to our afterlife and decide to live more intentionally. This phase brings up a new way of living that minimizes the redundancy of living.

Even though the majority of aspects of living seem repeated, certain parts of each category of our living remain — which makes life all the more exciting. Some of them have to do with our lifestyle. Fashion, food, health, beauty, and co.

With fashion, as much as styles come and go, our fashion sense remains, we can always choose to dress the way we want to be addressed, comfort over trend, and display individuality over dress up. This makes it exciting regardless.

When it comes to food, millions of cuisines exist from pre-existing ones mostly. What makes it unique when it comes to food is focusing more on what soothes our soul and is healthy enough for our body, most times over trending meals and erratic cravings. This makes it all the more exciting.

As for health, our healthcare system and management may improve but if we are not willing to regard the basic needs to improve our health on our own, all the medical inventions become wordplay. You may end up living an even more cyclical life of numerous hospital visits test running all the latest types of equipment. That beats the purpose of excitement when it comes to actual living.

For beauty: They say “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. But truly, beauty comes from the inside and also resonates internally with the next person. Beauty standards may come and go, but true beauty which lies on the inside is defined by character, and personality, which is the core of our living, thus separating us from the bunch and living life adventurously so.

With age comes it wealth of experience. Life can get super exciting if we choose to utilize the positive lessons we’ve learned from our past living and use that anticipatory means to course-correct things even when similar situations present themselves in the future. Life’s repetitiveness in this case becomes a blessing- both to you and others. As you can use age as a stance to improve your mentality and well-being, hence basking in the excitatory phase of life — believing you’ll live the rest of it (no matter how short), being free and ready for whatever next may come as my friend put it. Who knows? Afterlife?. Well, age makes you more intentional and cautious in living and that’s exciting to a lot of younger folks who live recklessly.

Life’s mostly repeated. I mean many aspects of living are what has been done and will be done even after it goes out of fashion. Belongingness makes these similarities between humans feel good, as we feel less alone and more humane. However, life can get boring pretty quickly which forces us to dive head-first into unhealthy toxic habits to keep us afloat. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We’ve been created with what it takes to shift the wheel and keep things excitatory in our lives. There are many ways of doing so as described above, but the main one is reaching to ourselves, with mindfulness, reflection, intentionality, and curiosity for our being — to discover what we are made of and live as authentically as possible. It is through being ourselves we inspire devotion in others, not joining the bandwagon.

Life is exciting when we are doing the things we love too — we are free enough to be ourselves to the maximum. As we age, that’s we begin to take certain things as seriously as they should be and rid of the ones that improve unnecessary notoriety (because trust me, someone else is using that tactic too and it’ll get old soon). This makes life feel less repeated and boring as such.



A girl who writes & addresses toxic hidden agenda in the form of topical issues whilst digesting their relative life lessons. I can't alone— It's a ‘let's all’.

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A girl who writes & addresses toxic hidden agenda in the form of topical issues whilst digesting their relative life lessons. I can't alone— It's a ‘let's all’.