Life’s an Illusion

Comet N.
3 min readFeb 15, 2024
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It is well known that the essence of growth sometimes is to surrender. But what happens when we keep on striving for more in life seeking to achieve a certain result? How do we live without scores and expectations? Does it mean that all we’ve fought and gone through to be where we are now, was unnecessary?

Some of the questions I pondered on as I said my prayers.

I believed it was the spirit guiding me, otherwise, how else could such a force rest on me during prayers?

My thought process was that for everything I’ve achieved to date- be it mental resilience, spiritual growth, and emotional management (still underwork though), I shouldn’t have.

It’s almost as if working hard works against you by eliminating the desirable outcome that was supposed to follow it. It also portrays that where we are, might not be originally where we were meant to be if we’ve forced nature in one way or another to get there.

Yet complacency and procrastination are diseases of their own we must avoid.

That’s when I decided that life’s an illusion. There’s no guide on how to live it or if we’re doing life right.

On one hand, you may presume that not doing anything will bring you forth your destiny and fulfillment. Some people have attested to this. I never really prayed or prepared for a child at the time, but I have one for example. I can’t imagine life now without him.

Others also would tell you not to expect good things to just fall upon you. You have to “chase” your dreams they’d say. You have to go for what you want. Popular contemporary sayings.

If you don’t go out how do you expect to meet your husband? But then people are finding their spouses while indoors.

Where do we draw the line? What is life really about?

Life’s an illusion.

You cannot predict an outcome based on multiple people’s results. Likewise, you cannot decide on an ordeal based on someone else’s experience.

There’s no manual, yet we chase for something every day like there’s a guiding force pushing us to. The type that visited me while I was praying.

Something causes you to move, speak, or act otherwise. But there’s no telling.

Life’s an illusion, you cannot decide to not do or do something about your future. Most times, it’s a matter of just being.

Self-improvement appears as though is for those who are unconsciously comparing themselves against a bigger grid and attempting to catch up as opposed to an organic self-transformation for its sake.

Everyone “should” have a means of livelihood, but not everyone without one is dead.

Procreation should be the natural essence of our existence, yet not everyone can afford to based on natural and individual decisions.

Life’s an illusion, something is keeping us afloat somehow.

No one made the rules yet, follow the rules you know and you may not get the results you desire. Get the results you desire but feelings of emptiness may likely supersede the feats rather than gratitude.

It’s human nature to keep going on, most with not knowing where they’re headed. Some follow others’ footsteps, and the very few left are going by their instincts and forging their paths.

There’s no telling which to do or be. I guess we’ll keep on waiting for a force to awaken us and nudge us in the right direction.

Not until we meet our destinies or destinations. If not, we might feel as if we forced our lives instead of living by surrendering.

Otherwise what other explanations do you have about life?



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