Let the New Year, 2023 Serve as a Sit-up Prompt

The mindset for this new year should be…

Comet N.
3 min readJan 12, 2023
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Allow yourself to feel the spark of what is coming

Our ‘next year’ is now here and what we once referred to as this year is now “last year”. The pressure is on for a multitude of changes and goals we mapped out to do and/or follow. This is a good thing. The first (few) weeks of each year ought to feel this confusing and inundating. This shows we are aware of our times and hope we live them to the fullest. This is the point of the year 2023 serving as a prompt.

At the mention of the new year, be it in giving or receiving regards, you ought to start preparing. At the mention of 2023, shivers should run down your spine to wake you up from your slumber. The year 2023 should serve as the sit-up prompt to finally start doing things you’ve always left at bay. Things you were either too scared of, or have summoned the courage to face but haven’t yet faced.

This year should be the year of execution. It is for me. Why not? You’ve waited long and hard for a clean slate to come and here we are. A brand new year, a fresh year, in its prime. The first early days to set the ball rolling. The first week to start getting things afloat. You’ve prayed, and prepared hard enough in 2022, now this year is the year of action and reaping. All in one year. It is possible if you believe and if you start now — right this moment. There’s no need to be afraid anymore. You’ve conquered that phase, that gritty, jittery phase in 2022, that got you to your knees. It’s over.

At the sound of 2023, you ought to remember all you were made to forget, all you’ve pushed down. You’re meant to let yourself feel again and push ahead. It’s a prompt that bigger and better things are ahead for you. Think about it, anything can genuinely happen for your good this year. As new as it is. The number 2023 sounds like the kind of year where all and sunder will be corrected for your good.

The mindset for the new year should be: I got this, I will make it, it’s simple, I’m built for this, I’ve prepared, I’m going ahead with this, I remember I said or promised myself to do this, I’m in it to win it.

And watch what happens.

You only have to sit up and start doing the things you tossed aside for this year because that next year is here and this year (2022), is now called last year. It’s a brand new year to gather all your muse and get working. You’ve prepared for this, it’s all about execution now. What are you waiting for?

Happy New Year!



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