It’s the Little Things that Matter

Comet N.
2 min readDec 1, 2023


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I’ve always been an ardent believer in the small things. If things don’t start small you won’t appreciate the big. Now call me sensitive or unambitious, but the little things are truly what matters.

Small things lead to big moves

If it weren’t for those small gestures, big moves wouldn’t be made. But through those little steps, the heart becomes open and willing. For example, if you appreciate people understanding your silent nature, it can go an extra mile to make you consider them a dear friend — with a willingness to reciprocate.

Small things can snowball into bigger things

Everything was made from somewhere. Somewhere we’d like to refer to as the start. When you look back now to where you started, be it with your educational pursuit or professional success, you’ll realize it all started as something small, with which dedication and personal experiences helped to snowball into this huge thing today.

Little things matter in how we navigate our emotions

If you are the type that doesn’t brush off little things, don’t be too hard on yourself or quick to dismiss the upsides to this. Truth is, if you cannot tolerate small inconsistencies, you equally cannot tolerate big nonsenses. And this is a plus. So when you see your emotions rising to something seemingly small, you are wired in a way that understands these triggers aren’t necessarily that small in only a matter of time.

Small things can create huge shifts

It’s common knowledge that engaging in the little things, habits, routines, and other means of excelling, often create huge shifts in our lives. Things that we might expect to happen immediately often require doing the little things, getting our hands dirty, enduring those mistakes, and being compassionate with our drawbacks to eventually achieve.

Small things are precedents of good or bad fortune

Let’s take a relationship as an example, the way a person treats you at first determines how well or bad your eventual relationship goes. If they lied on the first few dates or appeared shady with other vital truths, it can only mean you’d continue witnessing their dishonesty for the rest of that relationship — and vice-versa.

Small things aren’t easy to build or kick-start, but when we summon the courage to start and be consistent, it often pays us in more ways than not. Little things matter a lot, it is how we evaluate our strategies for moving forward if need be. Little can transcend into bigger things if not nipped in the bud. We win when we begin to tackle things at their roots (those seemingly little things) before they grow and spiral out of control. Our emotional compass allows us to detect and evade non-useful habits or attitudes from others that might lead to a bigger threat.



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