It Is Finished

Today is a big day in the life of many Christians especially the Catholics. I say this because we have just come out of the lent season to celebrate the death and now the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is such a big deal that we deny ourselves of so many carnal pleasures, including eating beef on both Ash Wednesday and Good Friday which was two days ago.

I am not a staunch church goer or a practicing catholic, but this season always strikes a cord in me. It resonates many virtues I wish other people like you can be in tune with.

It is a season of forgiveness, resilience, peace, togetherness, but most of all, a season to acknowledge ‘It is finished’.

It’s a season to reset knowing It is Finished.

It’s a season to let go knowing It is Finished.

Admitting and having some faith that it’s finished rids us of the anxiety from worrying about what the future holds. It allows us to exercise some patience by faith that all has been sorted out for us based on Christ’s death and resurrection. To practice self-compassion as we navigate our mistakes and try to make amends.

There’s no more reason to feel afraid, unsettled, ashamed or guilty that your slip-ups will continue haunting you, your mistakes won’t be amended or that your sins haven’t been atoned for — because It’s Finished.

Happy New Life and Era. Happy Easter Celebration!



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Comet N.

Comet N.

A girl who writes & addresses toxic hidden agenda in the form of topical issues whilst digesting their relative life lessons. I can't alone— It's a ‘let's all’.