How to Filter Out the Noise from Voice of Reasoning


It’s easy to get swayed by things certain people say. Simply because we believe they’re credible enough by societal standards to be listened to or adhered to. But their words could be nothing other than noise — hence disrupting one from obeying the voice of reasoning when they present themselves.

Noise usually arises from. the cliche allegiance to the “truth” or the rules. So even though something might not resonate with your spirit, you’re coerced to pay attention to irrelevant because of these factors above.

Don’t make noise from others to form your own voice of reasoning.

Voice of reasoning, on the other hand, comes from dealing with someone open-mindedly. Someone who isn’t stuck with the standards of things but evolving with situations of things and time. Knowledgeable and equipped well to mentor and impact others. Voice of reasoning is something you hear, see or feel that blends well with your spirit. Something backed up by deep roots, a little flexibility, and the prompt to try out. Otherwise, it’s noise.

Let’s look at some of the ways noise can present itself to people:

Noise is following the elderly’s advice blindly

By all means, it’s right that we respect our elders. But it’s equally right that the elders respect the younger ones and themselves too. People have this mentality that just because someone is elderly, therefore their words ought to be internalized always. I refute that ideology. Elders aren’t always right. Age isn’t always only a factor of wisdom. Specific experiences, respect for evolution, and open-mindedness play strong roles as well. Therefore, when an elder sits you down to say things that don’t fit you, feel free to consider it noise.

We all know how they tend to force their views on younger generations to “better know” and at the end of the day, we’re left living somebody else’s choices than ours.

Noise is what society tells you to do

It’s common knowledge that the majority of the lives people live are by far what society dictated for them. Following the protocol or rules of living by these standards; education — > high school — > University — > marriage — > maybe some work experience — > children — > grandchildren — > etc, can be delusional. Not everyone has to set similar goals as these and fight tooth and nail to achieve them. So doing is what deteriorates our quality of living by making us think we are not up to par when we don’t live up to these expectations; one or following the order. It’s noisy thinking about it because deep down we know the truth, our truth, which should guide us further in living them.

The noise we create ourselves

When we are deeply upset about things, it becomes somewhat easy to define our lives by every single mistake we’ve made on planet earth. Our vulnerable state pushes us to think the worst of ourselves which further exacerbated the mistakes we make and make a cumbersome mess of a noisy flow of mental comprehension.

It doesn’t have to be so if we can simply learn to identify when we are not in. such positions that are stable enough to produce rational thoughts for us and stay still. It is hard, but at least we can agree to disagree that we are not everything we proclaim ourselves and life to be at that point. Because it’s mere noise and not a voice of reasoning.

Voice of reasoning is easy to detect as they are words that bring us peace and good flow. They are voices that strengthen our core of being and make us confident to keep showing up despite the mess we might be in. Voice of reasoning is, for example, telling ourselves that we are still alive, and it has to be for a reason. It is also what we tell ourselves to give us hope. Because at the end of the day, hope is what we can cling to that everything will go well. Leaving control over what we don’t have control over is a voice of reasoning. Believing in a higher being than us and using the teaching of the one who knows better and created us is the voice of reasoning. What can we do on our own without that force, that spiritual being that encourages us to keep moving — nudging us, propelling us to our goals until we establish that flow? What? The solid energy we feel on the inside and around us is communicating a voice of reasoning for us to know who we are and where to go.

Remember that some people seriously say nonsense and don’t make that noise become your voice of reasoning.

Pay attention to that voice of reasoning. The handwriting is on the wall.

Good luck.



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