How to Develop Emotional Connectedness in any Type of Relationship

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Devoid of any kind of relationship you find yourself in or hope to have, there’s a certain level of emotional investment in it. Be it a “little” sad when they disappoint you, or a little happy when they surprise you.

Due to this unavoidable element in a relationship, it makes it vital to understand ways to foster and maintain emotional connection in a relationship.

Before we delve into this, it begs to know the five love languages that can perform this action faster than not. You must determine what makes you feel loved or how you give love.

The five love languages are Acts of service, gifts, words of affirmation, quality time, and physical touch.

With that in mind, there are several ways you can develop emotional connectedness with anyone.

Through communication

There’s nothing more profound than efficiency in communication in a relationship. This is not a random act of talking and hearing, nor is it about airing the minutiae of each passing day to your partner. But about deeply intending to relate with another through communication. This mainly involves expressing oneself, attentiveness, solid art of listening, and of course, implementing what you heard — which is solid evidence of listening.

Communication bridges the gap in a relationship. It allows unspoken words to be pronounced- whether it’s verbally or in action. And that fosters emotional connection by letting each other know you’re seen and heard by d


Conflict resolution

It’s a common saying: how you resolve your conflicts in a relationship matters a lot. It’s true. This is evident from how you communicate or express your feelings to one another. Notice the “how’s” over the “who’s ”. Because relationship conflict resolution has more to do with how you both resolve it over who the blame is on. If you apportion blame rightfully, it still amounts to how you choose to overcome the rift. Settling things respectfully and amicably would foster a deep sense of emotional connection as that ascertains to one another that your feelings matter to each other.


I chose intimacy rather than sexual intercourse, as it’s a choice of word to use when you want to elaborate more on several aspects of emotional connection.

Intimacy can be derived from efficient communication, maturity, and intentionality. Maturity explains where you both normalize and invite the art of intimacy into your lives in ways that favor you both or are unique to you both. Intentionality is when you choose to explore those practices. This is where sex or physical touch as a love language comes in. With deep emotional connectedness, having any form of intimacy becomes a way to intensify your feelings for one another as well as propagate it.


Respect lays an unshakeable foundation for any relationship. It is a true test of one’s likeness or love for their partner. As once iterated, relationships are bound to test the waters once in a while, but having respect for one another holds the fort. Once respect is lost either by words, action, or inaction, it makes the relationship perilous. Respect comes in terms of how you regard one another, and how you choose to uphold each other devoid of any tempting circumstance to deviate. Respect allows you to remember the values you saw and admired in your partner in the first place and not undermine them. Therefore this makes respect a solid avenue to boost emotional connectedness in any relationship as it exercises the need to continue to be intentional about what you value in your partner despite how not-so-good things tend to get.

Shared hobbies or Leisure activities

One way to develop emotional connection in a relationship, that is routinely neglected, is by engaging in some activities together. From planned activities like a date to unplanned activities such as an evening stroll help to boost

your connection with one another. If your love language happens to be quality time, this is an avenue to gain deep emotional connection with one another. This requires setting time apart to enjoy each other’s company intentionally. It further proves how important you are in your partner’s life and them you.

Emotional connection is the bedrock of many types of relationships. Without it, the relationship is like a bland recipe headed for destruction. As such, emotional connectedness is needed to foster deep feelings of likeness, love, understanding, peace, and togetherness in any setting of a relationship. This can be derived from communication where you both feel heard, conflict resolution through effective communication and strategies, intimacy and bonding where you both feel seen and heard and finally, through shared activities.

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