How Childish Acts Help the Authentic Side of You Bloom

Photo by Hale Live on Unsplash

Sometimes, the only way to get what you want is by behaving childishly

Kids throw tantrums, but adults negotiate or slack in the bid to get what they want.

Kids tell you outrightly what they want and naggingly wish you’d oblige them. But as adults, we tend to shy away from asking for things we want or going for them.

Kids express themself explicitly

I read a write-up on quora about envying the way a kid screams in your face when they don’t like you and run.

It’s when you act childish that you reveal the true you

As stipulated earlier, we hold back a lot from things as adults compared to kids hence, live an inauthentic life.

It is in acting childish that we reveal our true selves.

Because childish acts let you be free. You can be mad at someone and “fight dirty” with them to your heart’s content without caring if how you fought with words or hands matched the status quo. This is not to promote or encourage violence or grudge in any way but is more of an example to point out how to hold back our true nature under the guise of childishness. Which on its own, is a thing to embrace rather than evade. Since it brings out our true nature.



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