Have You Begun Summarizing your Year (2022)?

Comet N.
3 min readDec 29, 2022

Whatever has a preface, must surely have a conclusion.

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What makes a good year isn’t just the happy events we encountered or challenges we conquered, but the ability to see and use the lessons involved to prepare for a better new year ahead.

So, have you summarized this year 2022 yet?

What is the true essence of this?

Summarizing your year means reviewing your year both objectively and subjectively. It includes looking back to how it all started, the new year resolutions you slated the year before that, and how you’ve adapted as time went on. Summarizing your year is about focusing on key highlights of each past month or in general. It’s about extracting knowledge from your ordeals, both good and bad, as time went by.

Have you checked out what occurred each month? Were you opportune to keep tabs, perhaps through journaling or taking notes about past months?

Journaling or noting down our everyday life has a way of keeping us informed about how each day or month went by. It helps to remind us to stay in touch with our goals and ourselves as time goes on.

Did you adhere to your resolutions this year?

At times, it’s easier said, than done when it comes to making changes in our lives significantly. This may be attributable to the elated feeling of beholding a new year, the dopamine hit that comes from crossing over to a new year and hence, a new slate.

What was the theme of your year? I can tell you mine was a year of building courage and acting despite being fearful, a year of resilience, and absorption of news, information, and lessons appointed in each area of my life — notably emotionally.

Can you remember an outstanding event that took place that monumentally changed your life?

It could be a new job, new projects, renewed vows, renewed spirits, or a renounced bad habit/ behavior.

What was your biggest lesson of this year?

We have different aspects to our living which essentially and holistically need to be balanced. So, what area was most tested and what lessons did you extract from it?

Which life experience broadened your mind and understanding of life and living?

Knowledge comes from our interpretation of each life event, both good and bad as they occur. With that said, what is the one experience at least, that has upgraded your method of living or enhanced your understanding, thus perspective on life?

What did you neglect most about yourself this year you wish to correct for next year?

For me, I neglected my physical health more this year. I wasn’t ungrateful about still being in good health to date, but I wish I were more active than usual. What about you? What did you neglect and what hacks, measures or strategy have you put in place to enable you to course correct for the new year ahead?

The year is about to come to an end and the only way to summarize it is to understand its essence as we continue to live — self-awareness being the key skill here. This will allows us to improve bad habits and double down on our endearing sides as we navigate an incomprehensible world filled with lots of unexpected turnouts.

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