Go Through To Get Through

Sometimes life throws us curve balls and it’s left for us to decide how to position the stick for a hit back.

By now we all know that ups and downs in life are inevitable for everyone in one way or another and with different stages come different challenges. We know that life hurdles aren’t posited to kill us but rather lift us up depending on how we choose to see it and deal with things. We also know that growth is a necessity when we step out of our comfort zone, get hurt or feel pain contrary to being subjected to familiarity — because then we learn our lessons to never repeat such or re-strategize.

This was what I was thinking early this morning when I woke up to a self-conversation I had after a tumultuous week.

I realized that we need to go through things in order to get through things.

This is applicable in many life strata; personal/relationship life, work, spiritual life, you name it.

It makes me remember what Oprah Winfrey once said in one of her motivational videos; life is happening for us and not to us.

When you’re struggling or facing some challenges, it’s hard to foresee the better aspect that may come out of it but once we get to the end of the tunnel and see that light, we’re relieved and grateful for getting there. This gratitude comes with a blindspot though and that is forgetting how that experience shaped you. We’re only mostly glad we conquered through it.

This is humane of course.

We tend to forget what we went through as soon as we’re over it.

But as human beings, as aforementioned, life will keep showing you different flags with different colors. This month, it might show you green, signifying good health and self-confidence, the next month, it’s showing you yellow, delineating a warning sign that you’re emotionally too weak to cope with a trauma you would have otherwise dealt l with well.

That’s life.

What makes you stand out from the rest is counting your blessings as you recollect your past hardships. This is not for overwhelming sakes but rather as a means to keep checking yourself, reevaluating your life problems, and understanding its trend.

When do you tend to have the most problems in a year?

When does your business seem to take the worst turn in the year?

When are you most likely to encounter emotional turbulence in your relationship?

When do you relapse to your old ways and how does that affect your well-being here forthwith?

Evaluating these problems and having conquered them will let you understand why they had to happen in the first place.

You had to go through them to get through them.

Another benefit to this statement is that the more you get through one thing, the easier it becomes when next you’re faced with something similar. As well as something different, because you would have built the agility, in form of endurance and/or resistance, to deal.

Other scenarios include;

If you hadn’t gone through negligence in the hands of your parents, you would not have learned how to get through being self-sufficient — which comes with various other advantages such as the sense of self, self-love, self-care, self-embracing.

If you hadn’t gone through that betrayal from your previous relationships, you wouldn’t have learned to get through with understanding now what the signs to look out for are. Maybe with your colleagues at your workplace this time.

If you hadn’t gone through loneliness during that dark period of time, you wouldn’t have learned how to get through with spending alone time — which is all-encompassing of good attributes that flourishes life.

Likewise with when great things happen.

Your ability to manage a great outcome continues to help you get through with managing more. If you don’t lend a dime from the million dollar deal, you will not lend a dime either with a billion-dollar deal. If you don’t practice gratitude for what you have, no matter how small, even when you’re full of abundance, you’ll still not get through with that. If you don’t manage your wealth when it was small, you won’t either when it happens to get big.

Sometimes life throws us curve balls and it’s left for us to decide how to position the stick for a hit back.

This is the sensibility in acknowledging that what you’re going through will get you through. Also, that life is happening for you and not to you.

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