Focus on the Prize- You!

Comet N.
1 min readAug 13, 2023

A prize is a reward for a job well done. Because prizes are often external forms of acknowledgment, we always look on the outside for such prizes. Such external validation is fickle and unreliable, stressful even.

But having a mindset that permits you to see yourself as the prize is all the reward you need. Irrespective of whether you’ve seen, heard, or been invited, it’s more pronounced if you can always see yourself as the prize and continue focusing on it — you.

You are the focus, the prize.

Here’s why and how:

You are performing your best each time to become a greater version of yourself.

You’re willing to accept your mistakes and abstain from them next time.

You take feedback and criticisms as a pro, devoid of how stinging they may be.

You’re not afraid to be yourself in any circumstance, especially when the opposite is required.

Any internal job that creates positive energy to the universe from you, is worthy to be praised. You are letting yourself be exercised in a good way to better the world. As such you deserve a great reward for it, and one of the best obtainable and sustainable ways of getting it, is to continue to focus on you. To continue to focus on the prize, which is you.

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