Easter In Crisis

Comet N.
1 min readApr 12, 2020


A day that represents hope; the kind that rescinds all trials and tribulations thus far.

A day that represents courage to shout ‘hallelujah’ in the highest tone.

A day that represents laughter that ensues afterward.

The day that represents peace, that we have a savior by our sides.

A day that represents security that we have a God willing to protect us even if it meant dying.

A day that represents unity as we all joyfully celebrate it together in various parts of the world.

A day that represents joy knowing that Jesus conquered death.

A day that represents selflessness that Jesus exhibited by dying in our stead.

A day that teaches us to exhibit these virtues to the people around us; friend or foe, family or strangers, and so on.

Happy Easter Day.

What does this Easter Day represent for you?



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