Cramming Damages Your Sense of Learning and Assimilation

Comet N.
4 min readMay 15, 2024
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Before knowledge is gained, raw information is first passed. Imparting information forges a studious mode which needs a form of consistency for continuous assimilation.

Different learning styles exist that one can use to transform information into knowledge, and the quickest most ineffective of them all is cramming.

Cramming is a quick fix, it does not involve learning the subject to understand it, it’s more of a way to force the brain to absorb it because it can.

The brain also can absorb crammed information and can store such information for an extended time.

However, when it comes to learning and understanding a topic or subject, there are standard ways of doing so.

The four main ones include:

Read/write- this is a common way of assimilating information. Because it allows you to give your comprehension of what you know or understand on a piece of paper or in iterating it.

Iteration gives way to the second learning style- auditory. The auditory learning style explains people who prefer sounds as a way of assimilating information and converting it to knowledge.

Visuals- Visuals are for those who deal with images. A diagrammatic representation or pictorial illustrations are ways they absorb information.

Last but not least- Kinesthics- the category of learners under this group are practical or hands-on learners. They prefer to get their hands dirty to get it. Researchers and scientists fall within this group most often.

Why do we need to stop cramming? What downside connotations might it define ourselves as?

In the short run, cramming appears potent. It is an art to engulf a piece of information for a short period or within a short period of notice.

Even though this may prove helpful, cramming has long-term effects on one’s learning skills and can potentially harm their professional life or career.

When we cram, we are exhibiting impatience, incompetence, and indifference. This is us telling ourselves that although the topic at hand is worth learning, we cannot afford (time, energy?) to properly learn it. That means you’re not giving it your best.

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In the long run, this cripples your ability to assimilate any piece of information, regardless of their categories, efficiently.

You may not be able to read and understand anything you’re presented with properly.

When you’re given a task to work on, be it any form of presentation or report, you may lack the confidence to interpret what you understand even if you happened to read it.

This can also cramp your career progression, as you’re not able to sustain the knowledge you gained through cramming and produce the best result as required. For example: using cramming as your learning style in college, may prevent you from properly understanding the subject you have as a career in the future. Because they were not properly learned and absorbed.

In adopting a learning style, you may discover a whole new perspective on a redundant subject or discoveries- unlocking the greater potential for a greater future for you.

I used to cram difficult subjects in my University days. So much so, that I could reproduce my lecture handouts in writing (oh, writing!). But it didn’t suffice as being intelligent when I cleared all my papers with high scores, because ask me those questions again, probably in another way or context, and I’ll search myself thoroughly for answers.

It was not until I forced myself to learn to understand the subjects and their topics, that I began making true headway for success in my field of study. That was where I discovered my learning style in reading and writing. Despite that, cramming in my early days affected my “knowledge” about certain issues or subjects in my career years after graduation.

It is not going to be easy to undo cramming. But it’s better to evaluate the pros and cons and determine which path of learning to follow. Bearing in mind that the pros supersede the cons. In a fast world filled with many pieces of information and technology, you don’t want to be caught up cramming how to use a microwave, when you can adopt an efficient learning style and leverage it to your personal growth and development. To match up with the advancements, but most importantly, to feel free to enjoy what you read or learn for once.

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