Another Method You Could Use to Believe in Yourself

Do you remember those “silly” mirror talks you used to give yourself when you were little?

Woman admiring herself in front of a mirror — photo extracted from here

Maybe they aren’t so silly after all. It’s time to re-implore the tactics.

One of the most underrated ways of believing in oneself is to speak and believe in it. Yet, it is one of the most powerful simplest ways to believe in yourself.

Your analysis of a situation dissected while speaking out teaches you things you could’ve missed out on if you only internalized your thoughts.

The power of speaking out gives you the floor to converse with yourself — in which case you get to acclaim things you believe in about yourself.

So, for example, if while speaking to yourself you discover you’re a patient person and say you are, it becomes affirmative — only because it came from your mouth/heart back to you — compared to if you internalized it. That simple!

This works the other way as well. You might say something negative about yourself and instantly it clicks that you may actually be that way.

This goes to say that speaking out loud to oneself, that is self-talk, from time to time is a healthy self-awareness technique that helps to examine different sides to a person and determine who they are in essence.

In which case, it aids to believe in yourself through that practice. Hence, why it’s imperative to always mind what you pronounce about yourself if your heart and mind aren’t aligned to that effect yet. For example; deviating from pronouncing certain things about yourself or another person when angry.

Speaking to oneself and believing it comes from a more stable, meditative, and introspective (if you like) place. Where anything short of these would give rise to a bias — which you might end up believing — that is not accurately the picture.

Because believing in oneself should serve as a backbone to their behavior. It should unlock an unwavering sense of being, full of confidence from a healthy esteemed self. These are some of the benefits of believing in oneself.

However, flexibility should also be allowed to enable you to add more to the plate or unlearn certain things you once believed about yourself. As self-belief is an act of change/growth. Leaving such a room means you’re willing to unlearn, learn, and relearn, from time to time.

This further emphasizes the great importance of flexibility in growth as described below:

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn” — Alvin Toffler.

This means that we can retract from believing some things we were attached to about ourselves once we reevaluate and discover new backup proof to that effect.

With that said, it helps to know that speaking out loud to yourself is a great avenue to get to know yourself, teach yourself, analyze yourself and ultimately believe yourself.

Have conversations with yourself, laugh with yourself, pray out loud, wish out loud. Hear it! It’s therapeutic, it will boost your esteem and self-confidence.

No one can do it better than you. And nobody should perform that exercise for you.

Be mindful of what you say and what you hear others say you are. Look inside and discover your truth, believe in it, and use it as leverage to soaring higher — personally, career-wise, socially, and otherwise.

You are who you say you are after all.



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