Aim to Live for Nothing

Comet N.
3 min readApr 16, 2023
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As someone who has been attached to people, things, places, and so on, I can confidently tell you I’ve lived a tiresome life in that bid. The inability to detach yourself from things brings about discomfort, but it’s nothing compared to the suffering and enslavement you pass through inherently attached to something or someone. It’s so painful an experience that when you recover from it, you marvel at how you couldn’t just be yourself and you might hate yourself a little for it.

It’s all part of the process. Realizing that you don’t necessarily have to live for anything. It’s too much of a big deal to keep living. One downside to living too hard for something is when it eludes you despite all. It can crush you. Living for an idea, person, dream or goal isn’t totally futile, after all, without all or some of these life accomplishments, life would be meaningless. What I’m saying in effect is to avoid making anything the epicenter of your being or existence. If for example you love to be noticed or acknowledged for your good works and perhaps that’s what keeps you going, it’s an example of attaching your efforts to a circumstance that can take a drastic turn. A situation that isn’t really natural, since others fuel you. It’s best if, in this instance, you do what because you love it or feel inclined to (a natural nudge), then pleasing others. That way, whatever outcome play out, you can keep it moving regardless of whether it’s good or bad.

Life’s too short to hang onto things and allow them to define our journey in life. Instead, we ought to be free, and allow our instincts to guide us. Create a routine, or normalcy around things that are dynamic and be ready to forgo the setbacks that may arise. This is a typical way of letting life flow and detaching from things that may deteriorate your mental health, for instance.

Coming from someone like me who’s attached a lot of meaning and made sense of things that were conferred onto me (from the attached), I’ve come to understand that it’s okay to live and not be noticed. It’s okay to live and not be trendy, it’s okay to live with a completely open mind. some might say it’s mediocre to not be noticed or live quietly, but there’s something interesting they may not be aware of: if everyone focused on creating, who’s going to form the audience that listens and applies them? Thereby implying that a good balance is not a bad idea, so long as you’re living life fully and authentically to your rhythm — and not because you’re heavily attached to this opinion, trend, circumstance, future, or person. It’s okay to appear ordinary. But we all know the extraordinary ones are usually the inconspicuous ones. Hence, why you must aim to live for nothing — I believe that is everything in that sense if you carefully read up to this point.

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