A Safe Ground

Mainly To laugh and play

Comet N.
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The word safe comes from a deep sense of feeling. It connotes safety, protection, and preservation. These are all important aspects of prolonging life for its benefit.

When we initiate safety in our memory against an event or something alike, we are admitting to having our guards up in the first place. And there are many reasons we may find it difficult to relax. Perhaps to avoid being hurt, mostly to do with protecting our hearts and minds.

Therefore, when we hear the words safe ground, it connotes a meaning similar to the above. Where we are learning to relax a little and still feel protected, still feel valued, and respectable. Because lack of these (and many other forms of insults) makes up major reasons why people retract from being their true selves and vulnerable. Of which only doing so can propel one to sustainability and stability.

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Let’s look at some of the reasons people feel unsafe in the first place


Physical danger, or any other form of threat makes up one of the major obvious reasons people would feel unsafe to do anything at any given time. Emotional danger, mental and spiritual, financial and psychological threats disallows one from fully being themselves.

Past hurt or trauma

Childhood traumas give rise to people’s lack of vulnerability. Continuous threats or similar attacks as that of the past can make one feel unsafe to thrive or just be.

Laughter is healing to the souls, imagine what a lack of it does to the body and soul. Laughter and play were major characteristics of a healthy developing child. But when the ground feels unsafe to do either play (that is, be yourself, open, indifferent, genuine, etc.) and laugh, it becomes a danger zone to avoid. Thus, perishing one’s mind and soul before they’ve even departed the world.

How do we create a safe zone for ourselves?

By mingling with the right type of people or crowd.

People who love us and see us. People who are honest and constructive with their criticisms about us. People who would embrace us, both in the good and bad.

By learning to step outside of our comfort zone.

Doing things we love and feel highly comfortable about can make us decline in our creative prowess. And as humans, we possess lots of powers to create or make anything be. Wasting that with confining yourself to familiar things only makes things more antithetically unsafe than safe.

Embracing whatever situation comes.

Some people find it difficult to smile or laugh while suffering. This is completely rational to not do or do. But the point here is, being able to make the most of what life serves you only create ample opportunities to laugh and play in a ground that once felt unsafe — otherwise, serving as a safe unsafe unground to be. Which is okay. As it’s a trope that it’s okay to not be okay at times.

Life is full of unsafe grounds then safe. Some people would tell you that being alive is a game of gambling, which screams unsafe already. But if you’re still breathing and reading this piece now, it means you’re taking an undeniable risk to better your life, by learning more, loving more, and laughing more. Which are great arsenals to living this life non-regrettably.

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