7 Signs That Show You Are Dealing with a Narcissistic Fellow

They exaggerate a lot

Comet N.
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They manipulate you by tampering with your imagination. They say things they don’t mean, make promises and orchestrate a facade to make you dream and fall hard for them, when it’s a pure farce.

They neglect your emotions outrightly

Since a narcissistic fellow is not in touch with their emotions and how they come off to others, they’re likely to care less about yours. They lack self-awareness and willingness to provide real care or anything meaningful emotionally to the lives of the people they’re involved with.

They use silence as a weapon of retribution

Silence isn’t necessarily a bad omen, it is a necessary evil sometimes in relationships — especially when you don’t know how to act if faced with certain situations. But weaponizing silence is the manipulative unhealthy part and a narcissistic fellow knows and uses this tool well. They will use their silence to make you guess and assume things (more of a gaslight) they ought to be straight-up communicative to you about.

They make everything bad about themselves

The last thing you want to do is to confront a narcissistic fellow about their delinquencies because they’ll twist it to be your fault in such a way you feel bad for either feeling bad (again, gaslighting), or for letting them know. Either way, you’d always lose.

They claim not to complain

A narcissistic fellow will always exempt themself from everything wrong going on in their relationship with them. As such every effort you put in to straighten out inconsistencies would appear as a “nagging” to them. In turn, they claim not to complain and label you as the complainant.

They’re egotistic to a fault

When you’re in a relationship with someone who loves themself to a fault to the detriment of others, it explains clearly why they’ll never succumb to things that will make them vulnerable and accountable — well enough because of their ego.

They tell you they love you when it suits them

Again, highly manipulative, a narcissistic fellow finds it hard to specify their feelings to you. They’d rather use ambiguous methods of communication and expressions to relay any feelings whatsoever they have for you.

When you read up about narcissism and how their personality plays out in relationships, one thing is common — they are highly manipulative and use gaslighting tricks a lot. Beware of this and the fact that they are also emotionally empty, dangerously self-indulging, wallows in egoism, and finds it really hard to admit to their faults.

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