3 Surefire, but Often Hard Ways to Maintain Peace of Mind

By creating boundaries

Forming our boundaries is similar to some of the characteristics we portrayed when we were kids. Whereby we blurt out what we like and don’t like. As adults, it’s more like letting people know assertively where the line is drawn and how they can’t cross it. This method of self-care cannot be overemphasized in its ability to help maintain our peace. Because by creating boundaries, you’re making it clear what your needs are and communicating that there’ll be consequences when they’re breached. So, it instates a sense of peace that you can go ahead and keep being yourself.

Through insurance

Similar to the point above, insuring your emotional, mental and spiritual well-being — which are the core of one’s existence, provides peace. By practicing mindfulness, you are teaching your mind and body how to mark and re-mark those Do’s and Don’ts. By establishing consequences for certain behaviors against you, you’re insuring your peace.

Permission to go mad

This is contradictory to maintaining one’s peace but highly needed at times when someone’s silence or meekness and calm are mistaken for weakness after having their boundaries crossed. Reacting appropriately or getting mad as the case may be, just help to restate their case and hopefully engrave their rights to the violators. Making them more aware of things they like and do not like and thus, preserving their peace of mind in the long run or for the future.



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